A dust covered bot wandered over the lost land of this world, it took this long for it to see the unlit sky. It was the first time it noticed it had lights on its body, a bright yellow that seemed to cut the inky darkness even as the blazing sun remind to it's back. The scorched earth crunched under its feet as the world stood silent as the wind died down. The bot could not recall how long it traveled or where it came from or when it was coming to.

From the stale air a melodic sound began to float in the air, a triangle of light began to move from left to right in the darkness. In search of a source it seemed to grow louder but not a thing could be seen.

Maybe it might be the wind from beyond the mountains that it just noticed as the light traveled into the darkness. Yet the melody kept going, either coming closer or farther, it could not judge distance from the lack of light.

It did not know how long it was but another light began to shine slowly as another light came up from another direction. It was dimmer than the blazing sun and lacked the warmth the bot had known. And yet that whistling kept moving from one way to another.

"I see the bad moon a-rising," The words came out of its speakers as it began to shake. "I see trouble on the way."

The melodic whistle seemed to follow along with it, growing louder.

"I see bad times today. Don't go around tonight, well it's bound to take your life. There's a bad moon on the rise."

The whistle came closer as the speaker played, until a jingling of some type echoed it. Turning to see what caused it, horrified the bot. The shape was so like many robots it had seen but the outer covering was far too soft and the ensemble was like that of skeletons.

It's eyes looked sunken in and had a strange orifice below it's eyes.