In the desert dark, I see you, a beacon of illusion in this oasis

(Dim this fire bright, let not my ideals blind my vision)

What if honesty is blurred by a line refused to be defined

By a slowly weakening mind as my infatuation for you

Grows within this boundary?

This is irrational. I am irrational.


Down these passages of revolutions, my eyes

cannot see what reality throws

Through this whirlwind of crimson illusion - i am its only maker

How can I keep desire and logic side by side?


I am beginning life

Poverty has never been a strife

Of climbing this ladder built on poetry

Where I am the last start

Your judgements, they birth another war


In this life do i ponder this heavy existence

I have given all things for that i love

Is it possible that a universe exists in the miniscule creature?

Every fibre of my being betrays these seventeen years


The world, it begs answers to empty questions

And my tired mind and my sighing soul is looking for

A way to connect to my past self


Where there is a war against wars

And a disease against disease

Of prophylaxis against diagnosis


Can i write my name in the flesh of this earth, and to never have it known but always remembered?


(At last, i can let ideals meet and wage war against reality)