The burning sensation crawled up his throat, leaving scars of hate and jealousy behind. Alastair's hands trembled with the pent-up emotion threatening to overwhelm him, sending him spiraling down an abyss of Hell's greatest hits of death and the destruction of all hints of anything holy or divine. Why should he oblige by society's needs or wants? They only drill these rules these laws into our heads because they fear us. They fear the Age of Realization. Where all of humanity truly realize and grow into our destined roles that we've denied for centuries. Human, after all, is just another word for monster.

Alastair was gazing at his brother, cursing the very breath that comes out of his mouth. How dare he sit there like nothing ever happened? Like he's innocent?! The impish look on his face, the one that says that he knows he has won this battle. But this time's different. He won't be idle any longer. He won't sit back and allow his brother to destroy his life like he always tries to do. It's time for a new Age, the Age of Monsters. There are no rules. There are no morals or laws. Only cold, hard reality.

"Mom! James cheated at Monopoly!" The ultimate trump card. Mom always wins.