They noticed something
Something quite off
She was different

seemingly content
staring off into nothing

In the past,
She was noted to be

she couldn't finish a

or form a sentence

Prior to this,
She used to create
Making things

With a spark

her materials collected dust
the spark was gone

snuffed out like a candle, extinguished

They were alarmed
Wondering why
She opted for

something that altered her so greatly
was her suffering really that dire?
they knew she suffered

She just stopped voicing
How much she suffered
No one seemed

to be listening
nor did they seem to understand

it should be no surprise
how things turned out this way
she suffered

and she wanted it to end

It was a minor operation
That's what she told them
And that all would be well

connections severed
her mind diminished
something completely lost

fading light in her eyes
Now completely gone

it's not like she'd complain
she couldn't complain, anyhow
She was no longer suffering

They were horrified
This minor operation
Left behind

a breathing corpse, a shell

if she could
form a sentence
she'd probably utter

That she was fine, now,
with a half a mind.