She stated simply
That her diagnosis
Was a curse

She'd much rather not
Have diagnoses but, if she had to pick,
She'd not have the one

She deemed a curse

If she could pick
Then she'd pick to be, what she called,

People like "normal"
And she much despised her diagnosis
Wishing she could cut it away

Like a tumor

She'd be more loved
And less miserable without
Her diagnosis

The others could
Love and embrace their diagnoses
But she much hated hers

Wishing it were just a tumor
That she could cut away
If she had a choice

Then she'd pick to be normal
People liked "normal"
She liked "normal"

Of all the diagnoses,
Why did fate have to curse her
With that one?

In a just existence,
She'd pick to not have diagnoses
But, mostly, she'd not pick

The one she deemed to be
A curse.