The roar of the shifting sea carried over the seemingly endless beach. The never moving sun softly illuminates the area and a warm wind blowing over the land and sea. Beyond the tropic looking area there was a small cafe area, around it were many what most would call female in bathing suits.

Many were doing activities common at these events, like volleyball or badminton. One group sat around a table with a deck of cards in the center of them. Instead of the near nude state of the rest of the woman around them, these ladies seemed over dressed for the beach.

"Okay rules are simple; highest number wins and losers have to take off a piece of clothing." The lead girlish looking female started with a bit of a lisp.

Around her a group of older looking ladies gave her a slight eye glance before looking at the deck.

An abstract robot spoke up. "I understand that this is a bonding ritual for females but would it be easier if we were to wear the least amount of clothing?"

"Then the game would be pointless due to at least three of us normally don't wearing clothing." A tall Civet woman commented as two others nodded.

"And besides none of us are goddess of luck or fortune so it is a fair game." The lead girl pointed out as she began to deal the cards.

The sound of cards slid on the table to each goddess as they looked around. The lead girl and the civet called for another card while the rest folded.

Just before either could reveal the cards, a waitress showed up.

"So aside from the stripe game, any of you need a drink?" This was a draconequus, draconic features hidden under the fur atop her head and lower quarters with a rounded feather belly.

"Usual for me Grangal." The civet said as she won, and the rest removed an outer layer.

"So the blood of a cheating spouse?"

"If Korun has it, otherwise your mate's work."

Shaking her head Grangal would never understand blood drinking.