Hey there, and welcome back to Scary Stories To Tell Around The Fire. This story will be a bit shorter compared to the other stories so far. And this one contains a scary and ugly creature that scares the heck out of people in a rural part of Texas.

I think that the first time I heard of this, it was somewhere in a book called Strange USA or Weird USA, whichever it was. Heck, this even got a reference in the 2018 game Red Dead Redemption 2. In that game, you find the corpse of a donkey-headed lady south of Armadillo, with the main protagonist adding in his journal along the lines of "Who was that? Why would anyone do such a thing to any person?" That in turn was based off of a glitch from Red Dead Redemption in 2010.

Uploading Date: April 20, 2021



The Donkey Lady

There is a creature known around San Antonio, Texas as the Donkey Lady. This beast is said to have tremendous strength, an extremely ugly face shaped like a donkey and scary-looking eyes, beastly screams, and a rage that haunts any who bothered her or came to her domain: the Donkey Lady Bridge. This bridge is located south of the city, where there is more woodland and river than city limits. There, she stalks and attacks anyone who comes near the bridge.

According to one legend, the Donkey Lady was an ordinary woman in the 1950s until her abusive husband set the house on fire. Their two children perished in the fire, and the woman herself did not escape unharmed. Her fingers and toes were melted together until they resembled front hooves, and her face sagged until it was like the face of a donkey. She had also lost her sanity, unable to speak or think like a normal human being, so she stuck around the bridge, where her house was built near, and frightened anyone who came too close.

There was another legend in which the woman had a donkey that she loved. One day, when a neighbor's boy said that the donkey had bitten him, the father and two other men came to her while on a lone road, ready to take the donkey away. They fought over the donkey, and the poor beast ended up falling and drowning in the stream below. Sad and furious about the death of her beloved pet, the woman threw rocks at the men. She knocked one out, and the other two ended up throwing her into the stream as well, where she drowned along with her donkey. She was sent back to the land of the living fused with her beloved donkey, becoming the twisted monster.

No matter the origin, she always hid in the woods near the Donkey Lady Bridge. Anyone who comes across the bridge would stumble across her, and she would charge and try to attack to drive them away. If people lingered too long, she would jump onto their cars and damage them with her hooves. One way to attract its attention is by honking a car horn.

One summer night, a man and his two sons went near the Donkey Lady Bridge. They were going to camp there for the weekend, fishing and enjoying the rural Texas outdoors. They pulled over to the edge of the woods to unpack their things and set up camp.

Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes, followed by strange snorting sounds.

"What was that?" whispered one of the boys.

"Maybe it's a bear," his brother guessed.

"Or maybe it's a pig," said the first boy. There were plenty of wild pigs and boars in Texas.

"That didn't sound like any pig I know," retorted the other boy.

The father had been startled by the noise and was scared for his sons. "Whatever that is," he told the boys, "we ain't staying in this spot. Let's go to another spot and unpack there."

While the sons packed up, the father kept watch as the bushes and weeds shook. The beast in the bushes moved away from the direction of the trees and was coming right for them, the snorting slowly turning to growling.

"Get in the truck as fast as you can," he whispered to his sons as he repacked their belongings. "Hurry!"

They got into the truck in a flash, and the father drove across the bridge. Whatever was in the bushes seemed to follow them. He was just near the end and turning the truck around when the thing that followed them burst out of the bushes and charged at the front of the truck. It jumped up onto the hood and pounded at the windshield with its hooves, shrieking as the windshield splintered across the window frame.

It was neither bear nor pig at all; in fact, it wasn't any animal that the three had ever seen before in their lives. On the contrary, it was the ugliest thing they had ever had the misfortune to see. The beast looked like a scary hybrid between a human and a donkey: a saggy face, bloodshot red eyes brimming with hatred, and hands deformed into hooves.

As the boys screamed, the father slammed on the brakes, and the beast slid off the hood and hit the dirt. He floored it and started driving as fast as he could to leave the beast in the dust. The creature got back up and started going after them, but once they left the bridge behind, it gave up and headed back into the weeds.

Once they got away from the creature, they headed over to the nearest police station. They explained what had happened, and an officer followed them out to assess the damage. The hood of the truck was heavily dented by something heavy, and the windshield was completely shattered, shards of glass hanging on by only a thread.

At last, the officer could only chuckle and say, "Looks like you've had a run-in with the Donkey Lady."