Dream being with you

Chapter 1:

Home coming to unknown Town.

"I have a dream! Of that one peaceful summer. The only thing that I can remember was your hand that was reaching to me. A very distant memory that I forgotten for the longest time and yet, it keep appearing to me for the past two months."

Sweats pour on his face as the man with a black long hair perm hair wakes up from his deep slumber. His body felt dehydrated and yet, no could tell because his eyes are hidden behind those long bangs. He then pick up a water on his bag and take a gulp when suddenly sound echoes throughout the train he was riding.

[*ding* *ding* Thank you! For riding our service line! We've arrive at our destination]

After hearing the announcement, the man immediately pick up his luggage and step out on the train. After looking around for a few seconds, he then heard a familiar sound that was coming from his pocket and pick up.

"(beep!) Hello mom."

" Oh! Hello Rei sweetie! Have you arrive?"

"Yes mom, it just that…. it may take a while before I can get out of the station."

"Then just asked for the direction from the staff nearby, can you atleast do that can you?"

"yeah, I'll do that."

"Well then… be careful okay! Bye then!"

"You too mom"

After the phone call, Rei then put down his phone and look around one more time. He then saw a staff nearby and asked her for some direction.

"just go that way and thenthen follow the signage and it will take you to the exit."

"Thank you very much."

After showing his gratitude to the staff by bowing, Rei then leaves as the staff wave her hand. But for some reason something was bothering her when she was talking with him. To her, it felt like.

"Why do I feel like…..he was empty?"

This is the only description she could utter out of her mouth. But then the staff shrug off what she was thinking and continue on her job.

After a few minute of walking on the station, Rei then arrives outside. From a distance from where he was standing, was a woman with a black long hair that was tied on the side and seem look young wearing a simple tight shirt and jean. The said woman was standing beside the taxi waving at Rei, which seem he notice and run toward to it.


"Rei! Well how was your day?"

"Same as usual…. But technically I was sleeping the whole time"

"Is that so… well then shall we? Your aunt is wait for us."

The two then enter while the driver was arranging Rei's luggage behind. Rei's mother then seats at the front and look at him at the rear mirror with solemn expression in her face. Rei notice this as he shift her gazes at the window of the taxi. He then look at her from the rear mirror, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath like she was gathering her courage. Rei then met her mother's eyes which make her a little surprised then she opens her mouth and said.

"Do you remember anything seeing this place?"

"No mom… but… nevermind."

After that very short response from him, the drivers enters as the taxi leaves the station.

Thirty minutes passed since then and they already near to their destination. 5 minutes later they've arrive on a certain modern and simple Japanese house that has two floors. The taxi stop at the front gate of the house as Rei's mom take a look at him and said.

"Were already here."

Rei then step down out of the taxi as her mother press the door bell of the house. A certain woman then came out with a short brown hair wearing a sleeves and pants under her apron.

"Rei….! Come here greet your aunt Mika"

Rei then proceed and stand in front of her aunt who was standing in the front of the gate. She then give him a big smile and said.

"Oh! So this is Rei… he really did indeed became taller the last time saw I him."

"Natsukawa Rei, please to meet you aunt Mika."

"Oi! Oi! Oi!... where is the energy, wait you're bang is quite long isn't it.

After Mika notice this Rei's mom then interrupt and said.

"Mika can we leave that for now, I was quite hungry!"

"ah! Yes ! I'm sorry sis! I've already finished cooking, why not join with me for a dinner."

The two step inside the house as Mika Guide the two to Rei's room to put down his luggage. Rei's mom then look at him and said.

"This is your old room Rei, do you remember?"

"This is….my room?"

"Yeah! Your room."

After a short pause, Rei then look around as but then.

"I can't really remember anything mom."

"Is that so!?"

Rei's mom expression turn sad, something Mika don't want to see to her sister. This was more apparent as she watch her sister with painful expression in her face. But then Mika clasp her hand to break the silence and to change the atmosphere that was looming all over the room.

"Why don't we start our dinner first…. Since the food is ready."

"Y..yeah!... that's right! Mika, let's go Rei."

Then the three of them goes down as the three start their dinner. After dinner, Rei notice something was on the table. He then pick it up but, Mika appeared behind him and said.

"Just put it down Rei."

"This plate?"

"Just don't mind about it."

Rei then put down the plate then proceed upstairs, but then he notice a name plate on the door beside his and said.


But then he proceed to his room and rest for the rest of the day.

Next morning, Rei wakes up early and tidied his bed. He then goes at the kitchen when Mika saw him drinking tap water and said.

"Good morning! You're early."

"Might be because I sleep on the train yesterday."

"Is that so then….. will you buy me some juice on the nearby convenient store.

Rei then nod as he approves, then Mika give him a money but. She put her hand together on Rei's hand and said.

"You can take your time and take a look around.

After that Mika saw him off as his silhouette is getting smaller. She then step inside and said.

"Time to make some breakfast."

Few minute had passed and Rei arrive at the said store, he then brought a juice before he take a look around. He found a nearby park and enters when suddenly.

""* sob…..sob* why? Mom!... Dad! Why?"

A flash of memory of the park where he can heard a voice of a little girl somewhere.

"…..what was that?"

Thinking what was that all about, suddenly a girl appeared behind him who seem to be wearing a clothes that looks like casual but expensive.


This is what she first said before him, he then look behind and found out that he was standing in front of a vending machine.

"Ah…. I'm sorry"

After Rei apologizes, she then put a coin on a vending machine and take a coffee. She then look at him and said.

"What are you staring at!?"

With her demanding and arrogant voice one would flinch out embarrassment not because one manner they show but, by her looks. Before him was a girl with short brown hair, blue luster eyes and fair skin which complement of what she was wearing. But then she grin a little and suddenly an old man appeared from the distance.

"Iroha sama!..."

"Granpa Yunoki! Will you apprehend his pervert!"

"A pervert you said Iroha sama?"


"You…. Hmmmmm…. Odd! … you seem familiar!?"

"What are you doing Granpa Yunoki!? I said…. apprehend him!"

"Oh please! Spare you lies Iroha sama….. There is no way this man would be a pervert."

Iroha suddenly became agitated but, Yunoki remain composed as he present his reasoning.

"Iroha sama! Would you take a look at the young man over ther."

Iroha then take a proper look at Rei when she suddenly utter something out of her mouth.


"Sorry to disappoint you miss, but there is no way your prank would work."


Iroha then gritted her teeth as she turned back first while Yunoki said.

"See what I'm trying to say Iroha sama"

"Tsk! Yes I can see your point! Just let's go, I'm already tired"

But then Yunoki look at her and said with serious tone.

"Iroha sama! I think you owe an apology to this young man!?"

Iroha suddenly flinches and look back at Yunoki who seem to be angry at her. Her expression changes after seeing Yunoki's angered expression and her body start to shaken.


"No But's! Iroha sama! Come here and apologized!"


Iroha then stand in front of Rei and then apologized, Rei then wave his hand said.

"There is really nothing happened, there is no need."

"Just accept it! okay!"

After that Iroha and Yunoki leave as Rei look at his watch and said.

"I guess the breakfast is ready… need to get back"

After Breakfast, Rei then proceed to go outside to explore the city more. After a few minutes of walking, he then turned into a corner when suddenly.

"Yoru, let me help you!"

"Grandmother, let me do it! this is at least I can do."


"Don't sweat it Grandmother, I can handle it!"

Before Rei was two heavy looking plastic bag that being carried by a petite girl with short black hair and chest eyes. Even through Rei doesn't have to do with it, he then decided to offer some help to them.

" Umh….. "

"What is it!?"

"Let me help."

The girl and her Grandmother was surprised about what Rei said. Then the Grandmother nod and Yoru gave the other bag to Rei. After several minutes, Rei arrives at the house of Yoru and her Grandmother. Rei then put the bag at the side and about to leave while Yoru was unlocking to door when suddenly the Grandmother stops him.

"Boy! Wait!"

Rei then look back as the Grandmother who was quietly look at him and said.

"Why not come inside and have some refreshment."

"I think I'll passed on that one"

"don't be shy! Just come in."

Rei then accept the offer and steps inside the house.

Rei was seating on the sofa while waiting for his refreshment. The Grandmother serve him some Ramune and notice the raspberry juice beside it when.

"(Hey! Want some!)"

Another memory flash of memory appeared before him as he starring at the raspberry juice unconsciously. Moment later, he came to his senses and said.

" what was that all about?"

"What is the matter boy"

"It was nothing."

Rei then notice that Yoru wasn't around and proceed to ask her Grandmother about it.

"Ah! She was opening the store….. Shall I call her?"


After having a conversation with Yoru's Grandmother a little longer, Rei then proceed to leave but before he can even do so Yoru appeared and said."


Rei then silently raise his hand like she was accepting her gratitude before completely leaving.

As springs come the flowers starts to bloom bit by bit. Rei then arrive on a certain bridge where flowers beside it starts to bloom and the crowd before him was starting to become big.

"Oi! Isn't that…!"


"That girl standing on middle of the bridge"

As people in front of him point out, Rei then look at it and saw a girl with autumn color long hair and her eyes are like lush blue gem that one would think that she was beautiful.

"I….Iida Kou! Was that really Iida Kou!?"

Most of the people who gathered there are men who was captivated by her beauty. But to Rei, she was like another ordinary people to him. As he walk by on the same bridge as the girl, two men approaches Kou.

"Hey! Beautiful girl, why not join with us!?'

Kou suddenly twitches and step back a little from the two men like she was afraid. People around them start to become noisy around as the said to men pushed her more.

"That's right! We can have some fun."

Then one of them grab Kou in her arm which seem she disliked as she struggled and said.

"Please! Let me go!"

"heeeee! You're a quite shy one aren't you!"

"I said let me go! Please!"

The man didn't let go her arm but instead, he insert more strength so that he can't let her go. None of the crowd seem to be trying to stop what is happening because they felt that it would troublesome to interfere. But then Rei suddenly interferes and said.

"Can you please stop it, the girl said no already."

"And who do you think you are kiddo! Huhhhhh! Don't spoil our fun just go somewhere else where busy"

"But she made it clear that she doesn't want to, at very least respect her wishes"

"Huh! you bastard, you really in for the world of hurt arenn't yah!"

The man then hit Rei with his fist which made him lying on the floor. Kou tried to break free from the grasp of the man then she was pulled toward to him and said.

"You're not going anywhere missy"

The other man pulled Rei up and then look at him with angered face. He then readied his fist as he trying to talk him like a trash.

"where not done yet!... look at me you bastard"

Rei then look at him as with seemingly no intention to back down but his body felt shaking and said.

"Just let her go."

The man felt different toward to Rei, to him what he felt is something contradict his intention and action. But then a man appeared behind the two man and suddenly apprehend the two.

"Huh!? police!? When?"

"Since a while ago a moment ago, when you were trying to beat that young lad."

The police apprehend the two men as Rei trying to get up while caressing his jaw due to the pain. Kou tried to help him up then Rei raise his hand to stop her from doing so and said.

"I'm okay."


"Don't worry about it!"

"Then atleast used this handkerchief."

Kou put out her handkerchief from his pocket and Rei accept her offer. The Police invited Both Rei and Kou to the office and later on let the two of them go. Rei then walk on the opposite direction but then Kou stops him said.


Rei then look back at Kou who was a little shyly and a little bit red on her cheek. She then clenches her fist and place it on her chest before shouting.

"N… You Name! A…a..atleast tell me your name!"

"Rei….. Natsukawa Rei."

"Rei huh!... Then my name is Iida Kou!"

Rei then leaves Kou behind as he wave his hand on the air, Then Kou shout at him one more time before he completely turn around but. She can't let out a single word as Rei completely leaves her behind.

Lunch time had come and now, Rei's stomach is growling due to hunger. He was looking around where to eat but seem lost due to walking aimlessly. He then arrives on a certain abandoned part which make him taking out his phone out of pocket.

"*beep* beep*…. Brrrrrrrrr*"

Before him was an ordinary girl wearing a glasses lying on the tree which seem to be look like dead. Her lemon like eyes slowly opens as her blue luster short hair was dancing in the air. Before her was a guy holding a phone when suddenly.

"You!... what are you doing"

"Calling an ambulance."

Her eyes opens wide hearing what Rei said and hold his hand, trying stop him from doing so.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Stop that!"

Rei look at the girl who was desperately trying to stop him and said.

"If you say so, then"

Rei then put down his phone, while looking at the girl before him with curiosity.

"Say…why are you sleeping over there in first place?"

"Cause the weather is very nice that I fell asleep."

Rei then look around as he tilt his head, but due to the hunger that his body start to loose it's strength as his arms suddenly grab at the girls arm.


"I'm sorry, I have not eaten yet. Do you happen to know any nearby family restaurant that I can go nearby?"

"Well….. there is one but it was an old one."

"I don't mind thought will you guide me?"

The girl then nod at him and guide him on a nearby old family restaurant. But before they arrive the girl suddenly introduces herself to Rei.

"Oh yeah! I forgot to give you my name! My name was Kanata…..Koyonagi Kanata."

"Ah yes…. My name Natsukawa Rei pleasure to meet you."

"By the way we've arrive!"

Arriving the place Rei then immediate take a seat and ordered some food.

"May I have this and this….anyway Koyonagi you can ordered something aswell."
"Really! Yes! Thank you Natsukawa."
Kanata then ordered some food and the two had a lunch together. After they finished their food, Rei then the stood up and pay the bill. He then leave but then Kanata stop her from doing so by grabbing his arm.

"Natsukawa…..Let play!"

"I don't really had that much of a time Koyonagi."

"Eeeeeeeeeh! Let's play! Please!"

"Really I don't have time, maybe next time if I have one."

"Do you promise!"

"I can't really say so Koyonagi"

After a few more refusal from Rei, Kanata gave up on convincing Rei to play with her. But instead she then look at him with a cutesy tilt and asked.

"Will tell you where you leave then."


After that one last refusal from Rei, Koyonagi let him as she didn't pressed for any answer. Rei then look back at her and said.

"I forgot to say may thank to you Koyonagi."

Kanata then smiles and said.

"Your welcome!"

After they exchange some words Rei leaves and continue his walk around the town.

It was almost the peak of heat today and as he continue to walk and saw an abandoned building that had a big tree inside. Curiosity consumes Rei's mind as he step in inside the abandoned building.

"This is…."

Before him was a very big concert hall that was used in orchestra or other classical performances. At the middle was a big tree that make it more mysterious as he start to take a closer look at it. He then touches as he look up when suddenly he heard someone was humming on the stage.


Rei then look at it as he saw a girl seating on the stage humming a song that is something he himself doesn't know but seem familliar. As he about to approach the girl, he then step on a stick as the girl notice sound and suddenly stood up where she was seating.

"Eh!...Who are you!?"

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to interrupt."

"I said who you are?!"

"Natsukawa Rei"

"Why are you here!?"

What is before him was a girl who was in her teen and seem to be cautious to him. She had a blonde hair that was tied in ponytail and a scarlet gem like eyes that one would not be stop staring at. Rei then scratches his head like he doesn't know what to do before answering her second question.

"I just happen to familiarizing myself in this town and just happen to stumble on this building to due to my curiosity."

"How can I assure you that you are telling me the truth?"

Rei silently stood in front of her thinking what he's going to answer to her but then, the girl take a look at him and suddenly.

"You don't need to say a word…. I know there is no way you would be lying."

Rei was confuse what the girl is talking about as he tilt his head a little bit. He look at her then asked her.

"What do mean?"

"There is no way an empty man like you would do anything to me and seem you look weak."

"Empty? Is that how you see me?"

"Yes!... rather than see, that's how I feel."

The girl then take a closer look to Rei as she walking around him like she was observing him. She stood in front of him later as and take a look at his face but his long bangs was hiding his entire eyes which make her really curious and tried to touch it. But Rei suddenly reacted by swiping off her hand and said.

"I'm sorry."

The girl was really curious to see his face but, she know for a fact that she is overstepping. She then turn back and said.

"I'm sorry….. it got me really curious."

"No….I'm sorry for doing that when I can just stop you normally."

The girl then smile and said.

" Ah! Yes I forgot to tell you my name. you can call me Yuuna… Adachi Yuuna."

After she introduces herself, she then step back at the stage and look at Rei with vigor in her movement. Her phone then rings from her side pocket and pick it up, she then look again at Rei and said.

"I guess it was time for me to go."

Yuuna then run passed through Rei as she wave her hand in the air while saying.

"Until we meet again. Natsukawa."


Rei then saw her off as he look at his watch and said.

"I guess need to go back as well."

Rei step out on the old theatre building and head back to his home.

On the way home, he is now using his phone to track to where he is. Since the area he is at now is nearby to his new home with a few shortcuts, he should be there around ten minutes or so. Along the way, he saw an old mansion that seem to be belong to a very wealthy family due to its style that was based on a western mansion from long time ago. Because of it age that one would see it as antique but it seem that the mansion has its residence because of how the garden looks beautiful and well-trimmed. After staring at it no more than a minutes, Rei suddenly take notice someone who was seating at a table with a parasol in it. A girl with a silver hair that was reaching at her back and green eyes. The said girl notice his presence and elegantly put her cup and her book on the table.

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

"ah…. No it just… I was staring at your garden."

The girl then smiles as him, she stood up and take a little closer to him.

"Your.. name? what is you name by the way"

"N..Natsukawa Rei…"

"Then may I call you Rei then."

"I don't mind though."

"Then would like to come in then… I can show you around."

Rei was invited by the mysterious girl before him but then, he take again a look at his watch and it seem that he was a little late.

"I politely refused, because you look suspicious. Besides it was a little late, so I need to go home."

The girl was surprised about his refusal but then, it was like a little reasonable to her given. Inviting some strange to her own house was quite suspicious. Rei then tried to leave immediate but then, the girl suddenly shout her name at him.

"Anastasia! That was my name!"

Hearing this, Rei still proceed to run off because of the a little time he had before night time. Anastasia then grin and then take her book inside her house while a butler appeared cleaning her cup.

"Prepare me some dinner Edgar"

"As you wish my lady….. It seem that you are in a good mood today. Did something happen? "

"Not really….I guess you can prepare a little feast."

The butler nod as Anastasia saw off Rei in the corner of her eyes.

It was already night time and Rei hasn't arrive at their home. His mom and Mika are worried about him, this is more apparent as the two are constantly moving around.

"Mika what do we do?"

"C..calm down sis haven't you tried to call him up?"

"I tried but it seem that he was out of reach earlier."

"Maybe, his phone is dead?"

Rei then arrive as the two run toward to him and saw something they didn't expect.

"What happen to you Rei?"

"Sis was right… why is your face swollen"

"Sorry mom, I just happen to stumble by a girl on the bridge this morning."

"A girl?"

Mika and his mom was surprised what he said to two of them, he then explained what happened and suddenly burst into anger.

"Next time Rei don't do that again okay!"

"… I'm sorry mom"

"It's okay…you did the right thing and that is good, but next time don't jump by yourself okay!"


After their conversation, Rei then proceed to eat their dinner but notice that there was another plate that wasn't used. Rei then leave it as the day ended. Week had passed and now a new school semester start. Rei was walking at the side walk toward to his new school a minute away before he arrives. He then notice a huge crowd at the front of his new school and it looks like to him that there as a band but he can't hear any music. Later on Rei arrives as he tried to pass through the crows and it seem that instead of a parade, they were like giving a way for someone.

"look at those five!"

"They seem familiar…ah!" those are…"

Rei was able to pass through and now heading straight to board where his room was assigned. As he look for his name, six girls stand behind him and notice that they are all staring at him. Rei then look back and saw some familiar faces that he was acquainted with. The said six girl was surprised seeing that it was really him and said.


"Hello….i guess…."