Chapter 11:


As the breeze from the window of the class room, her silver hair dances in the air. Like a silver tread that was glowing when sunlight hits it. A certain girl who's watching outside and keep staring in vast blue skies like she never cared about her surroundings. While her face was seating on her hands, her emerald eyes start to shut bit by bit until they completely close. Something that was first in the eyes of her classmates as they baffles by her own existence. What before them was like a snow fairy basking in a sunlight which keep everyone eye complete lock on her and completely shutting their sense of time. Completely loss of track, it is like they already staring at her for an entire hour, but then. These gazes completely interrupt the said girl who was about to take a nap and realizes that everyone was staring at her. This is not only limited to the males student but also to all female classmate including the teacher whose hand stops from writing anything in the board. Noticing these gazes, the said girl turns around and saw all of her classmates completely lock on to her, this is without exception because even both Kou and Yuuna who are two of the most popular girl are completely lock at her aswell. Silence continues as the said girl was staring at her classmates aswell but, for some reason. With all these gazes with her, she notice something different. Among with these gaze of admiration, she happened to spot Iroha gaze whom seem to be gazing her at her with a different manner. It was like, she just following all of these gazes but for her, it was a matter of uninterested. Like deciding to take a stare at her just to completely kill some time. Knowing that Iroha had given up on persuading her, she meets her teachers gaze whom come to her senses upon locking them with one another. After that awkward moment between the two, the teacher look at the book and blackboard like she doesn't know what to do before it create a chain reaction on the entire room. People starts to panic not knowing what to do just to avoid the said girl gaze but then. The teacher calm's down and suddenly called her name.

"Alexeev san, can you read the sentence that we are discussing?"

Anastasia stood up from her chair as she look around while her classmates are trying to hide their own embarrassment. She then take her book that was place on her desk while her other hand lock her hair that was being swept away by the wind. As she read the lines on the book, her gentle yet a little bit deep voice echoes on the room. Like a native speaker, some student are being captivated by her performance. Causing a little bit of an uproar upon finish reading the sentence. The teacher was surprised aswell to the point that, all she could do was to be baffle before her performance. This completely erase the awkward situation earlier as the lunch comes by.

Bell rang as student gathered in different areas while carrying their own lunch. Like any other day, Anastasia always eats alone but this time, she decided to buy something from the caferia. When she was about to leave, two girl appeared standing in front of her like they were in a sort of confession scenario. Another girl from behind was hiding from Anastasia gaze and for some reason she was trying to passed the duty on the girl who was currently in front of them by pushing her. This makes Anastasia tilt her head on the side trying to piece everything she currently knew. Before she could even come to her conclusion, Anastsia notices that the girl in front of her is somehow felt like uneasy before her presence. She was trying her best to say something in front of her but somehow, she was flustered. Arriving at her own conclusion, Anastasia begin to fluster as she waves her hand in front of her. Before the girl even convey her word before her, she then look at her with fierce in her gaze before saying.

"I'm very sorry!"

Cold run toward their own spine as they heard her gentle yet a bit deep voice creating a situation where the girl suddenly back off hearing her response. Leaving her behind, Anastasia felt some relieve thinking about the confession but, she was really not into girls at all. She then look at the two girls direction as she saw one of the girls in back trying her best to console her friend.

"It's okay! There is other time that we can invite her to have lunch with us."

Hearing her word, Anastasia felt flustered as she immediately turn her head so that no one can really see what she was look like as of now. A misunderstanding of her life, but no one laughs about it. Not even a single student who saw the entire event laughs on that sudden misunderstanding that she did. As she look around, everyone seems to be doesn't really care about what happened but deep down on the student head. They just feared her if they suddenly laugh about it.

"Luckily we suppress ourselves there, were gonna die if we laugh right?"

"I don't know man"

Everyone then get back to their own group and starts their own lunch, Anastasia then leaves the said room but. As usual, the front of their room is pack with male students from different classes and section. But compare from the previous month, it was already a third of the student disappeared from the scene. Faculty members also stops caring in this kind of scene since this is always happening, so they don't bother to discipline the student for such action as long nothing really happened that breaks the school rules. Student give way to Anastasia as she passed thru the student that was blocking the way. Upon turning around at the corner, she then meet Yuuna's gaze before the two even collide. Luckily there's not much momentum between their movements that is why they were able to stop with one another on split second. Surprise seeing Anastasia, Paper starts to fly from Yuuna's hand before falling on the floor. Anastasia then pick up the said paper and notice something that makes piques her interest. She then gaves the paper to Yuuna and said.

"Hmmmm… So you're joining with Art club."

"Yeah…. Is there a matter?"

"Not really….it just quite surprising considering that…. No…. there is really nothing I can say. Because it was your choice."

Anastasia leaves as Yuuna tilt her head trying to think what Anastasia trying to say to her but. Deep down she already knew what she was trying say to her but she simply leaves her because she was trying to be considerate. Knowing this, Yuuna look at the paper she was given and stare at it silently like she was having a hard time with it


She place the paper under her arm and starts to walk once more thinking twice to what whether to do it or not.

Anastasia brought her food and immediately walks somewhere no one really come. Even with so much student in Fujisaki, it was surprisingly big of a property to the point that students can still find hidden places to let themselves alone. Down the road, looking for a spot where she can ate her food peacefully. Anastasia then notice something hearing small yet angry voices from a student along the corner. To her, it seems that there is a bullying happening and decided to look for another location. But when she was about to leave, she heard a familiar and tried to look at it.

"But… I really don't do anything!"

"You bitch! Still denying after being caught? Let see if you can still deny that."

The girl was pleading with the bunch of girl who were surrounding her, she then take a little bit closer look and notice that it was girl that she was familiar with.


That was the first word that came outside of Anastasia's mouth. At this point, there was no more coincidence on Anastasia word of how frequent she was stumbling with her.

"Why this is again?"

Shout echoes as Anastsia's voice become clear to their ears, the said students surrounding Kou runs hearing her word.


But since the area had few student at most, those student eating their lunch somewhere hears her cry for help as they turn their head looking around. It was a success that she was able to help Kou once more but then, Kou look at the corner and said.

"Anastasia san!... I know that you were there."

Anastsia stops on her track trying to leave silently as possible, Kou then walk toward the corner and.

"You've save me once again….. How many time does is it now?"

"How do you know it was my voice?"

"Of how many time we've talk together every time you save me, there is no way I can't remember your voice."

"I see… well then.."


Before she can leave, Kou stops her immediately making Anastasia stop and look back at her.

"Can we have a lunch together, you seems to not have one yet"

Kou notice that lunch that Anastasia bought at the cafeteria and tried to invites her. Anastasia stare at her before saying.

"Are you sure?"

Kou shakes her head, she know what Anastasia was trying to say with her. She wasn't afraid with her but rather, she was grateful for her action. Something that she never repaid yet up until now.

"Maybe next time I guess… we can have one."

Anastasia leaves but get pull up in her sleeves, Kou was clinging at her insisting that it was supposed to be now.


Kou didn't accept any reason from her and simply dash somewhere to have time alone with her.

"Here is this a good spot"

Anastsia can't really refuse at this point, more than anything else. Kou already found at spot for them.

The two seats on the said area which is an old gazebo but still usable as a facility. Kou opened her lunch box as Anastasia open the wraps of her food.

"Now then let eat."

As Kou smiles with brimming in her face, Anastasia felt a little bit awkward toward her. Because this is her first time with someone in school to have lunch that she felt like that. Other than that, the two enjoys their each own food until Kou place her box on her lap. Solemn and sadness emerges from her face as she look outside in the skies. Thinking something that she herself something she doesn't know about what is happening. Anastasia notice these expression Kou was wearing making to stagger her lip whether to ask her or not. But even so, just to lighten Kou's load, Anastasia still asked her.

"What is about that earlier?"

Kou suddenly turn her head to Anastasia's direction as her eyes widens. Anastasia's hits the mark upon reacting to her question but Kou tries to deny it.


Anastasia simply smirks for a moment and said.

"Don't hide it! Your current expression speaks the truth."

Kou let out a sight hearing Anastasia's word like she submits to her and simply nod making it out as a fact. Anastasia take another bread from her plastic bag and open it up, she then take a bite of it before looking at Kou once again and said.

"So what year this time? "

"One year above us this time….."


"Last week…they had a break up with her boyfriend, and suddenly confesses to me yesterday."

"Wasn't like…. It was already the fourth time this happen?"

"Yeah…..but I can't really blame them for what they were doing"

Anastasia knew what hardship Kou was going through, because this happens with her one time. The reason that she felt like nothing Kou because she was able to reason out her with the girl and somehow was able to settle the argument between them. But in Kou's case she was being harass at this point by some female student and it was starting to become a bigger problem. Tears starts to fall in Kou's face as she clenches her fist.

"I…..if…. my appearance wasn't like this? M…mhh…..maybe….a…I was living a normal life!"

Her hand hid her face as tears to continue to pour, the beauty that everyone thought as a blessing, becomes a curse for her.

"I….i'm so useless that I'm angry to myself…I'm so coward that I didn't even try to stand up on my own!"

Seeing her state, Anastasia get closer and hugs her in order to comfort her crying heart. Hearing all of these, she bits her lips as her expression changes.

"I know that kind of feeling."

She herself knew that kind of feeling, an anger of being helpless not knowing what she can do. After few more minutes, Kou calms down and dries her tears with her sleeves. Anastasia offers her a handkerchief, but Kou refuses to and take out her own handkerchief.

"Thank you Anastasia san!"

As she said these word, Kou smiles at her brightly with a hint of gentleness in her face. Anastasia simply smile at her and said.

"It was better to let it all out, if you want another lunch mate. Maybe I can tag with you."

Kou's eyes widens and said.


"Yeah but, only if you're alone."

Hearing this answer made Kou a little bit fluster, as she look at Anastasia once more. She clenches her fist and said.



When she was about to said her words, bell suddenly ring signaling that the lunch is over. Anastasia look at her hand and notice her left over food that she hasn't eat yet.

"I guess we need to go now"

Warping both their lunches, the two then start to walk on the way to their room. While on their way, Anastasia is somehow bothered about something as she look at Kou and said.

"I had meaning this to ask but….where are the people you usually with you?"

"They are on errand that is why I was left alone."

"So that is why those people take their chances."

Kou nod at Anastasia as their conversation come to halt, Kou then look down and said.


As she put together her hand, Kou fiddles with her finger like she was sort of embarrassed. Anastasia look at her with the corner of her eyes as the two walks together.

"Aren't you quite observant Anastasia san?"


Even though Kou was waiting for her answer all she did was to walk with her silently. Kou grips her hands as she press no further. The two arrives at their room as the teacher was comes in and start the class.

Red and blue light engulf Anastasia vision, sound of alarm echoes through the area. People gathers around as Anastasia stand in front of someone. There was a body on the road full of bruises, covered and surrounded with blood. A hand stretches as the said body release a weak yet clear line.


That is the first word came out from the said body. Anastasia eyes suddenly widens as she covered her mouth with her hand. She was bewildered seeing the said body in front of her, someone she was familiar with. Sound of her shoes then starts to echoes, as she starts to step back bit by bit. Confused not knowing what to do, she instinctively runs away from the scene. She never look back as she runs as fast as she could until she can't withstand the exhaustion from all those running. And yet the voice once again echoes.

"W..why….why did you leave me?"

Her eyes widen once more as she look around but the scenery before her turned into black. From the distance, a light suddenly lits up, showing the body from the said distance. All she could do was to fall to her knees as the body once again asking for help.

"h…help! Don't leave me!... you promise that you would help!"

The body suddenly stands, as she start to walks toward to Anastasia's path. Like a walking corpse that was ready to kill her here and there. Her vision suddenly turns black as her emerald like eyes starts to open once more.

"ugh! That dream again….. how many time does this takes now? "

Sweats starts to pour from her face as she wakes up from this nightmare. She's been haunted by the same dream almost twice a week this year alone. Feeling exhausted, she put out her mirror as she notice that she was almost bath in sweat.

"Ugh!... I need change my uniform."

She took out her handkerchief and wipe off her sweats, she then takes out the top of her uniform and realizes that she doesn't have any spare clothes.

"We don't have any P.E today…this is sucks."

Anastasia look around first to confirm that there is no people around. She then puts her uniform at the balcony, hanging in the broom and look around once more. In order to make sure that no one would peep at her. She closes the front and back door of the room but.

Before she can even do so, a silhouette appeared before her. A man whose hair was long enough that his eyes can't be really seen. Anastasia's eyes widens and her face turn beet red, she slams the door with her entire strength causing it sound echoes throughout the hallway. She then runs to the balcony of the room but then, the said man enters the room.

"Ah…..I thought it was a pervert."

"And who is the pervert here? Forcing himself to enter the room while a girl was changing."

"Said by someone who seating on the room half naked."

Anastasia then pick up her bag as she throws it to the said man whom still looking at her. The man then uses his arm to block the incoming bag before he notice something on the balcony.

"What happened?"

The bag hits its target, before Anastasia even heard his question and answer it after.

"I was drying up my uniform…. Anyways can you please get out!"

The man then gets out of room as Anastasia pick up the broom and wears her uniform. Anastasia gets out and the man silently looking at her before saying.

"By the way….nice underwear."

What's before him was a green bra that was almost the color of her eyes and lace with black. Anastasia's eyes widen and look at her uniform. Because it was half dry that her underwear was still visible to the point that it can even seen in some distance. Her face turn beet red once more and pushes the man's face.

"Don't look here, Rei!"

Rei then avoid his gaze as Anastasia staring at him like he was in a strict supervision but then, another student appeared on the distance. Rei suddenly stand in front of Anastasia making her surprised by his sudden action and suddenly stops.

"What was that for?"


Rei look at Anastasia in corner of his eyes but get pushed by the hand of Anastasia before giving her and instruction.

"Stand behind me, someone is approaching."

Anastasia peek behind Rei's shoulders and saw the student that was incoming in their path. Rei then matches the students walk blocking his vision of Anastasia whom hiding behind his back. When the student already passes, Rei suddenly realizes something.

"How come I forgot….we had P.E today."

That is what he said while striking his palm with his fist sounding like a "pomp". Minutes later, Anastasia change her top and used Rei's track suits and continues to walks onward.

While on the crossing, the atmosphere between the two is felt awkward because of the earlier accident. But in Rei's case, since he can't really judge such thing that he felt really nothing. Anastasia look at him then avoid her gazes repeatedly like she doesn't know what to talk about. Rei take notice this and said.

"About earlier…..i'm sorry."

"It's okay….it was already done…it was an accident so I can't really blame on you, it was my fault."

Hearing what she said, Anastasia's expression suddenly changes before repeating what she said once more.

"Fault huh…yeah it was my fault."

The pedestrian turn green as Rei turn to Anastasia direction and said.

"You don't need to repeat it… I said I'm sorry as well…partly is my fault."

"But that is not your fault…."

Rei scratches his head as he closes his eyes and look again at Anastasia.

"Look…it was my curiosity that lead us to that situation. Just accept my apology."

Anastasia tried to argue with his word but she can't let out a single word nor voice. She fell into thoughts thinking what happened earlier. She does not lock first the door around before she dried up her clothes. So in conclusion in her head it was really her fault after all.

"No… I said it was m….."

"Okay…stop there, like I said it was my fault for doing so can't we accept that."

Hearing his word, a flash of memory suddenly came in her head. It was about her dream earlier, about the guy whom keep haunting her. Her eyes widens as her expression changes into something like being bewildered at. She closes her mouth with her hand as memories of that event keep flashing in her head. Something that Rei took notice at as he catches Anastasia's arm with his hand before she fell in knees.

"What happened?"

Her entire body froze before it shakes like it feared something that was unknown to him. He once more asked her but she never respond to his calls. It was like she didn't really hear anything and proceed to touches her face before calling her name.


He shout her name this time with Anastsia held him on his arm. She then looks at him in the eyes as tear start to form in the corner of her eyes. Her emerald like eyes become tainted as she was started to being swallow by her fear.

"Hey!...just tell me it was my fault please!"

"What are you saying…this starting to get strange Anastasia, if you don't speak a thing. I woundn't understand… please tell me what is happening."

Anastasia refuses as she said the same thing once more.

"Please tell me it was my fault!..."

Not knowing what to say to her after repeating her word for the second time. Rei then proceed to seat with her on the road as the green light changes to red. He doesn't know what to do, as Anastasia is like throwing a tantrum in a different way.

"So please tell me!"

After that word, Rei releases a sight as she look at Anastasia and said.

"Yes it was your fault… can stop now okay"

Hearing his word, Anastasia stops as Rei helps him to stand up. Her head was tilting downward like she was depress but in reality, she was quite embarrass look to at him considering her earlier behavior. To make it worst, few people in their surrounding standing seeing the drama before them was somehow taking a video of her. Rei looks around and notice this aswell as he tried his best to ask them nice and politely to delete the video recorded in their phones. Most people was comply with his request and there are some whom resist but in the end. He was able to convince these kind of people to delete such video with a few sacrifice.

"Really…they emptied my wallet because of that."

"Fufufu….thank you about earlier and….i'm sorry for such behavior."

"Now really….this is your fault this time you know…I can't believe that such thing. I don't really know what happened but…why so obsess to blame yourself on such."

"I…don't know myself."

Anastasia obviously lied to him, she knew what is the source of such behavior, which is why she had that sudden erupts of emotion. She doesn't really want to tell to him about it, as if it was there is some sort of secret about it. Rei can't really read such emotion on a deeper level, but what he can see before him was a solemn smile that Anastasia was wearing at. The two continues to walk as silence fill between the two. The atmosphere between them continues for minutes, the two walks side by side not really know what to say to one another. But before Rei can interrupt the silence, Anastasia pull a fast one at him and said.


This divert his attention to what he was thinking as Anastasia continues her word.

"If you have some time…I would like to properly give you an apology.

As Rei stares as her with his usual expression, Anastasia peek at him and said.

"What gift you want?"

"Gift huh…."

Rei then fell into deep thoughts thinking what Anastasia's question for him. Thinking back when he was watching video's in his phone.

"Ah…..maybe that one game console I saw in the advertisement, that GS 5 if I'm correct?"

While his tone is something like akin to a robot, he meant what he said as a joke but then. Anastasia put out his phone and called someone.


"Hello Edgar…..yes…..i'm going to get there late but before that can you prepare something for me?...yes, it was for an apology gift for someone…yes…later we can talk about that…item? Can you bought GS 5 for me?... Okay….."

Hearing what Anastasia said, Rei then run toward to her and grab her phone.

"Okay stop there…I know I said GS5 but, I meant it as a joke okay?"

"But Edgar bought one already and by tomorrow it was be delivered on house."

"wait what?"

"Yeah it will be delivered tomorrow so look forward to it."

Rei then release a sight once more as she look at Anastasia before saying.

"Look, I can just accept an apology without such thing….it was unnecessary to do such thing for a small apology. Forgiveness is something that can be given to one as long as they are sincere and true about it. No matter value of an item, one sincere apology was enough to outweigh its value. Whatever happened it was up to someone whether to forgive him or not but, in our case. I'd say that I already accept your apology and forgive you for that.


"Please Anastasia, don't be hard to yourself."

Her lips shaken hearing these word from Rei, all she can do was to avoid his gaze like she was denying his word. Her expression changes as she bits her lips, anger is starts to sipping out but she refuse to show it in front of him. Rei tried to touches her on her shoulder but, Anastasia turns back and said.

"You don't know a single thing!"

Her voice suddenly becomes loud as it echoes, she then takes a step as before she suddenly runs toward to the opposite direction. Rei tried to extend his hand on the air but he was already too late to grab her out.

As Anastasia runs further from Rei, his silhouette becomes a shadow. After a few minutes, she start to feel the exhaustion. But even so, she continues to run as far as she could just to get away from him never caring the place where her leg takes her. Several minutes later and her exhaustion comes to its peak, as the cloud starting to engulf in black. As she looks around, she notice that she arrives on a familiar destination.

"This is….."

She look around once more confirming her thoughts, before her was a scenery that once she had in her memory. Illusion starts to form in front of her and the two start to merge making her realize something.

"This is the old park that I once played at."

As she slowly steps in on the said park, what all she saw was a ruin.

"How many years it has been?"

Questioning herself to the point that she forgotten what happened earlier, a silhouette appeared from a far. A girl that had a blue luster hair standing in the middles of park. Her lemon like eyes saw her appearance and runs away from her. Anastasia tilts her head in confusion but for some reason, she felt something familiar.

"She looks familiar….but I can't really remember?"

Rain then starts to fall as she run on a nearby building in the park where she can take shelter. She then took out her phone and called Edgar once more and pick up by a car. The car drive straight to her house and take a bath as Edgar prepares a dinner. The old butler notice something as she start to serve some appetizers and said.

"Is something wrong my lady?"

"Nothing really Edgar….."

"But it seem that you were in deep thought right now?"

Anastasia smirks as she start to place her head on her palm, Edgar simply look after Anastasia while staring at the fire place.

"You know Edgar…..I can't really hide anything from you aren't I?"

"It's not like that…it just that I've been in your service since you were born that I've come to understand my lady's thoughts."

"I guess a reasonable argument…"

Thinking back what happened today, there are so many things unexpected that happened. To her perspective, the most unexpected was when was become obsess of blaming herself about it that makes her emotion sways on many ways. Anastasia then look at Edgar and said.

"Say Edgar…do I really that obsess of blaming myself about something?"

"I don't understand you question my lady but, If my translation about your question is correct then….I would say that…this is the first time I hear such."


Thinking back her past behavior from when she was a kid, she not really talkative. When she was at school, she tend to either not care or observe everyone's behavior in such manner that no one really realizes that she was gazing at them. Edgar then takes her plate and cup and said.

"I guess you are tired because of today, do you want another tea my lady? I'll prepare also the bed if ever you felt drowsy."


Edgar leaves as Anastasia simply walks to another room to relaxes herself.