Jeffery David Whippo is a strong believer that management has a significant role in maximizing potential of introducing new information systems into the organization. Whether it is an established multinational company, a small business or a start-up, every firm can benefit from the latest advances in the technology.

He states that management needs to be aware of the processes in the business before implementing an IT solution. It must know how IT can work for each process, only then its potential can be maximized. According to Whippo, it is vital to take into account the requirements of the hands-on users while developing a new information system. It can be done by involving them in the overall development process.

Developing an information system demands management to have an insight into what the hands-on users want to do, what they need, what they are able to do, and what they are willing to do. They need to be educated on the best type of system that can help address their technical requirements in the real world.

Jeffery D Whippo emphasizes the communication between developers and hands-on users as it will prevent errors or insufficiencies that might be a consequence of lack of information. Regarding the vision that needs to be created to figure out the success of the project, the new information system must be in alignment with your business strategy. He quotes that the technical vision and the business infrastructure should be combined to figure out the design of information technology infrastructure.

Whippo does not agree more with the fact that a new strategy should focus on shifting IT from a costly affair to a revenue enhancing option that can boost the productivity of the company. Thus, the vision needs to be efficient enough to make IT a catalytic business tool. It should make IT system a sales acceleration system that generates more revenue, rather than a set of technical tools.

About Jeff Whippo

Jeff Whippo is a professional leader and educator that holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate in Business Administration.