I feel the comforting weight on my person. It is the coin purse I have been adding to all my life long. It has accompanied me on every journey, A reminder of all my hard work.

Jingle jingle those little coins ring, As I walk down the road, they continue to sing! But I am not ready to return home with them, I shall spend some time about town in merryment!

I duck into a cafe and purchase a cupcake. The flavor is sweet on my tongue. Almost as sweet as my success.

Jingle jingle those little coins ring, As I drop some on the counter they continue to sing, They don't seem upset that their time with me will end, Don't they at least miss their friends?

Jingle jingle, that sound follows me everywhere. As I stride with pride without a care.

Finally, I'm home. I sit down to relax. My favorite chair is as comfortable as ever. But not as comfortable as my rich life.

Jingle jingle those little coins dance, As I dish some out for a good romance. I've heard some people say the best things are free, They've obviously never watched TV.

After that it's off to bed. I need energy to work tomorrow. Jingle jingle, some coins disappear in the mattress. The frame and the sheets as well. It costed me greatly to purchase this.

Morning comes and I get out of bed. Then I realize something with great dread, more money is gone.

Jingle jingle those little coins sing, As they roll away in exchange for everything. Soon there is only one left. One is never enough though. Not for this world.

I feel a new weightlessness on my person. It is the lack of a coin purse that I used to have all my life long. It cannot accompany me of this journey, a reminder of the day the world died in my eyes.