One night,I went to buy what my mama asked for.

I took my usual route,I kept my distance from anything that seemed suspicious,I walked without stopping and I didn't make a ,how come mama,that I'm now lying in a ditch?

I saw them and I panicked,but I kept a straight face so they wouldn't sense my fear,tell me mama,why did they start approaching me?

My heart was beating faster by the second,I just wanted to get home faster.I didn't want any trouble.I wanted to get to safety,so I started were running too.

I took a turn,they took a turn,I went straight ahead,they went straight ahead,I jumped fences just to get to my destination,they jumped too.I ripped my clothes from jumping over them,so,tell me mama,how does it happen that they still caught me?

I've been a good child.I've always listened to you,I did what you told me to,I kept quiet when I had,played by the ,mama,why did they pick me?Why did they end me so quickly?Why did they dispose of my body so easily?

You haven't found all these years of wainting to be found,to finally find peace in that holy place that you always talked about,nobody ever discovered my rotting now,I am bound to this putrid earth.

You have failed to find me,but I will find you and you will suffer the same fate as me.

You aren't safe.