Part 5

The Darkness

The ringing continued. Blaine disconnected when the voicemail began. He stared at the wallpaper on screen. Clay with his arm around him and his stupid grin with Mina leaning on him. Happy times.

He still couldn't believe it had been a month. He sniffed back his tears. He fixed his glasses and shoved the phone into his pocket.

Blaine stiffened as his bullies approached. Jack threw his arm around his shoulder. "Morning, Blaine. Been a while."

His eyes fell to the floor. Blaine gripped the strap of his backpack tightly.

"We were sorry to hear about Clay. It's a real shame." The other two chuckled.

Blaine rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you're mortified."

"We are." He smirked. "I wanted to be the one to kill him."

Rage filled him. He swung at the jock. Jack easily slapped his hand away. He grabbed Blaine by the collar and lifted him off the ground.

"That wasn't nice." Jack slammed him into the wall. "How are you going to make it up to me?"

"By giving you five seconds to release him and be on your merry way."

They all turned. A girl with deep red hair stood tall with her arms crossed. "Is that… Mina?"

Mina tapped her combat boot on the ground impatiently. Her chains rapped against her thigh as she pulled off her messenger bag and tossed it onto the floor. Every finger held a ring with symbols engraved. A leather armlet wrapped around her forearm. Her black tank revealed a tattoo of a three moons surrounding a pentacle on her shoulder. A black tree trailed up her arm and stopped before the three moons. Her hair fell over her right eye to hide a nasty scar.

She brushed her thumb across her black-colored lips. "Five."

Jack laughed. "Look who's trying to be a badass." The other two jocks laughed with him. "You're not your dead boyfriend, little girl. Why don't you run along and go play with some dolls."

Mina's eye twitched. She approached the three jocks. "One." Mina swung on Brian. He dropped to the floor and held his cheek in surprise. Without hesitation, Mina slammed her foot into the Kevin's calf. He toppled over enough for Mina to slam her palm into his jaw. She turned to Jack. "Not going to say it again. Let him go." She twisted her fist slightly. A thin dagger emerged from the leather armlet.

Jack dropped Blaine. He held his hands up in surrender and back away. He helped the other two to their feet and ran.

Mina slipped the dagger back into her armlet. "You okay?"

Blaine nodded. "That dagger is gonna get you into trouble."

"Don't care." Mina picked up her bag. She threw it over her shoulder.

He looked at her tattoo. "I'm surprised you didn't scare them off with your new-found power."

Mina's face darkened. "Those idiots aren't worth the darkness I carry."

"At least you aren't in juvie. The courts think your dad's Alzheimer's is what caused the massacre. Don't put that all in jeopardy." Blaine sighed. "Is your new foster home treating you well?"

Mina shrugged. "They don't matter. They stay out of my way while I take care of my business." A smile came to her lips. "Speaking of, I got a new case for you." She pulled out a black pocket-folder from her bag.

"Another? You do know that hunting down demons isn't going to bring them back."

"I know that," Mina spat. "I don't remember much after I invoked Ammut, but I awoke with three truths. One, Darkness has become a part of me as has Ammut." She exhaled. "Two, Alaksha murdered my mother three years ago and took her body. That doll my mom had was Alaksha. It was why it had her eyes. And third, Alaksha will return in fifteen years. When she does, I will be waiting… and I will avenge them all."

Blaine stared at the hatred in her eyes. "Then let's start with this."

The End