I turn around and round and round,

Finding my soul, caged and bound.

In this darkness as black as night,

I am left to shiver in fear and fright.

A serpent of terror snakes around my neck.

Its fangs sink into me, leaving me a wreck.

As its vile venom courses through my veins,

My sins come back to me, crashing like a train.

I scream in agony, in hurt, in pain,

As the cold daggers of guilt rain,

Cutting and piercing into my bare back,

Unleashing a ruthless, relentless attack.

My voice fails me, turned into whispers.

My frame riddled with cuts and blisters.

My tears gush down my sunken cheeks.

My body convulses, frail and weak.

I bang my fists against the floor

Begging for release, begging for a door

To which I can open and I shall find

My redemption, my sanity and an unbroken mind.