She'd refuse
Damn the consequences
Because, at least,

She had a choice
A choice that she
Could call her own

And not one
That was made

They were encouraging

And she'd make it
A point to not
Get one

She wasn't afraid of viruses

She hadn't a choice
With many other things
That happened

In this "conundrum"

Refusing a few injections
Was her chance to snatch away
Some control

After much of it
Was snatched away

She had other reasons
But, mostly, she could control
This tidbit

They couldn't inject her
Against her will and, certainly,
They won't, thus

It was her chance
To get some control back
Even if it were small snippet

Lack of control
Was already killing her
In some ways worse

Than a disease ever could

They'd ask her
If she'd consider the subject and
She'd tell them she did

Consider it
But, ultimately,
She'd refuse to get

As she had a choice
One of the few remaining betwixt
Suffering and suicide

She'd make a point
To not get one, in a choice
That she could call her own

And not one made for her
Consequences be damned
Snatching back

A snippet of control