Suddenly, my patient collapsed in the chair.

Tears filled his eyes; he hid behind his hair.

Rubbing his arms and clenching his fists,

He massaged the scars that covered his wrists.

Shaking, he picked up a pen in his hand,

While pond'ring the thoughts of suicide's demand.

When I asked, "What's the matter?" he started to weep.

He cried, "All I want to do is sleep!

"To escape from the torture, to escape from the strifeā€¦

"To escape from the horrible pressures of life!

"I'm apathetic towards living. It is all a charade."

Then he hunched back over to look at his "blade."

His explosive behavior caused me to think,

"No wonder this kid needed to come see a shrink."

Reluctant to speak, he sighed, "I feel numb."

Thus he began sucking his thumb.