"My first impression of that night was incorrect," she concluded from the evidence displayed before her.

"It was illogical."

Her thoughts were interrupted…

"Hi, Eve."

"Hi," she replied in a nervous tone as she continued walking along the trail to safety.

Was it too apparent that she had been caught off-guard? Could he tell she had been thinking about him? She grew more and more confused as his voice echoed in her head.

"He obviously doesn't detest me," she decided. "He wouldn't stoop so low as to hate someone that regarded him so highly."

It was true. He didn't hate her, but she was only sloppy seconds. He held a much higher appreciation for someone else. Someone who he may never have become so well acquainted with if it hadn't been for Eve. She was sloppy seconds to her very own best friend.

He had said "Hi" to her, but that was because her other half wasn't with her. It was unusual for Eve to pass by alone at this time. She was sure he would have over-looked her today if Kendra hadn't had that errand to run.

Eve knew he was waiting for Kendra to pass by as she always did.

Her best friend denied this of course. She didn't know him as well as Eve did. After all, he did behave quite similarly to Eve. Of all people, she was the one who could decode his body language best. Kendra was oblivious to the whole thing.

… It's a neverending story…