At The Time: A True Romantic Comedy

[A Movie Treatment]

Beginning: When I was growing up, I never really had any friends. There was one girl named Marla. She was my So-Called-Best Friend until I met Jodi. Jodi was my savior. Aside from them, I remained a fat, lonely loser until 9th grade when I began loosing weight, and I joined marching band. During all of this I met the two people who would change the course of my life entirely forever. They fell in love. I never saw two people more meant for each other. This is their true story…

A close-up of a suburban house, getting closer as the monologue voice over continues. Through the window to the a pudgy little girl… Show flashes of growing-up, of each specific person/event/thing mentioned in the monologue. Start in the summer of 7th [grade] with "The Awesome Eight" during Summer Theatre Group.

End: The flashback ends the Battle of the Bands. All of the sudden a teenage girl is shown at the computer… Typing. The doorbell rings, she looks outside her window. She sees her friends: 2 males, 2 females waiting for her outside, coming out of the car. She quickly saves her document on the computer, grabs her coat, and runs down the stairs & out the door. Everyone says "Took you long enough… Etc!…" Jokingly and laughing. They get into the car and leave.

The girl's room is in her attic. She has her own computer, & her window leads to the front.

Main Characters:

Nancy: (Me- Narrator)

Christopher: (Gavin)

Claire: (Jamie)

Melody: (Shirley)

Rachel: (Jodi)

Liza: (Marla)

"I asked [Gavin]… 'We were friends and you went out with me… Why didn't you ever go out w/ [Nancy]?' He said because we weren't really friends, we were more like acquaintances. He said you guys reached a point when you became really good friends and he couldn't." – [Claire]

"Everyone sure did know you liked him… Actually I think I told him… Jim told me you liked him in 8th or 9th grade. One day, he told me he talked to you online, & I said to him, 'I think she likes you.' He was like, 'What?!' I was like, 'In fact, I'm definite she likes you.'" – [Claire]

I like the fact he was the first person to notice I lightened my hair w/o me saying anything or asking him. And, he doesn't notice ANYTHING. "Did you dye your hair?" "No… does it look lighter?!" "Ya…" "Good."