Sleep slowly descends upon me

Like the tides of the sea

Pulling me back to eternity

And as I lie upon sand

I dream of you close at hand

Beneath the stars and pale moonlight

We sit and lie awake all night

Telling stories of days before

A time when innocence knew no chore

And we reigned forever more

Upon our glistening, virgin shore

As King and Queen of what's yet to come

Sovereigns over all we've won

In this war we call Life

Against all the pain and strife

We prevail with all our might

Me as your Damsel, and You as my Knight!

Sleep slowly begins to leak

Like warm drops of rain on my cheek

Streaming down into the creek

Which flows onward to the Sea

Where I dream you will be

With ship at mast and crew ready

To set sail on course smooth and steady

To unknown waters yet uncharted

Explorers we are, not fainthearted

We seek treasures from our past

When time moved slow instead of fast

And all that mattered was having fun

Beneath the ever-rising sun

That warmed us with its rays and light

When our souls would then take flight

Me as your String, and You as my Kite!

Sleep now befalls my eyes

Like a baby after she cries

When her mother then sighs

Because she knows that all will soon be right

And she begins to see the light

That shines from you all dressed in white

You are my star on earth that gleams

And makes reality of all my dreams

And with these words I... She beams

And she knows you feel it, too

An infinite moment to be true

We are one in the same

We are a force yet untamed

Me as your Match, and You as my Flame!