(Did you feel it, too?)

The spark of Divine Intervention!

When two roads originally headed in different directions,

Finally met at a tender intersection!

Where two lost travelers crossed each other's paths,

While pulling over to get more gas!

Sharing a bite and a dance or two,

They felt at once familiar and new!

The jukebox sung in a Mellow Tone!

It felt as though time had flown

By so fast since they last spoke,

Laughed together, or told a joke!

One night together was all it took;

One night to open that ancient book,

Of Fairy Tales and True Romance!

When knights slayed dragons with their lance

To win the heart of their maidens fair,

Making one of their sacred pair!

Two old friends seeking joy and delight,

Met again on that fateful night!

To forget for one moment all our heartaches and pain,

To remember having fun again!

And as we shared a long embrace,

A genuine smile warmed my face!

Then you quietly snuck out that door,

Yet I knew in my heart that I wanted more!