Critical Thinking Skills

Anna sighed and reached for the remote. Why did she watch this show, again? She knew how shallow it was...

"This show's pretty good, but the women's outfits are really annoying," she grumbled. "The fanservice makes me really uncomfortable..."

"Um, excuse me, sweetie," Tammy Blair said, bursting into the room. "That's sexist!"

Anna blinked. "Uh... what? How is it sexist to complain about female characters existing just to be eye candy?"

"Because you're judging them on their looks and their clothes," Tammy Blair replied, slowly, as if she were trying to explain advanced Calculus to a toddler. "You sexist, slut-shaming, misogynist prude!"

Anna rubbed her temples. "Okay, let me get this straight. Criticizing stupid designs made by a male director for no other reason than he wanted something to jerk off to is the same thing as criticizing real life women who (presumably) have brains of their own and can pick their outfits themselves? Because it sounds like that's the conclusion you came to."

"Um, yes. You're judging women, you woman-hater!"

Anna sighed and stood up. "You're an idiot."

"You insulted me!" Tammy Blair shrieked. "How dare you insult me! Women should know better than to insult women! That proves it! You sexist! Sexist! Someone stop that misogynist! She yelled at me!"

Anna's eardrums throbbed as she strode out of the room. She really needed to invest in some good earplugs...