Signal to brain through the fog of muted, blunted recollection

the drinks came, and the bar was reaching the peak pinnacle of drunken rowdiness

I had a joint tucked in my slanted mouth

a drink of whiskey highball in my left hand and a lighter poised to light up

Weed was legal and cheap back then

plentiful green buds to proliferate the during the dull days

I smoked mines with lady tobacco so I didnt get too high

where I forgot my name

where I lived

Who was supposed to be my women

and remembered that i could not dance with the salivating wolves

who come to bite, bark, nip the dancing throngs of jolly maker drunk angels

for we are all divine in this plain of paradise row

with the sun drenched Californian streets belong to us

and we are the stoned denizens of the sidewalk crews

merry bands of drunks and pot heads and cannabis freaks

and sometimes that tinge of cocaine to punctuate dull conversations

and brighten our moods

squads of the bottle of whiskey

with sweet mama's in skin tight teen jeans

and we salute the gods of wine and smoke

of hilarity and hangovers

were not driving anything at this point,

I sleep outside with the rose bushes

and the small dog to keep me warmth

the dog smells of rotten ear

but he is my companion as I drift in moonage half nightmares

the nightmares are of us falling off

falling off the map

falling off the white horse

landing into bad battles with addiction

where no winner is declared, and leave our mothers to weep

Have you ever been so lonely that your bones ache and your mind swells

and blood grows stale

in the veins,

always in the veins.