I suck cigarettes and drink coffee and all day I'm thinking about that ass.

glory to that ass

to your full seductive lips

to your soft breast

to your sex which I threw away

because I could not share you

because I got fat

and grew lazy

and complacent toward your love

and now it seems like all is lost

taken by the gods of fame and fortune

and I understand that even though I read,

I am but a fool in sun drenched paradise

Wishing for a miracle

wishing for a beer

and another women to worship

to bed with my hard cock

to give me slurping head,

she need not be pretty

or in peak physical condition

just willing

and ready for the ride

I am no prize myself

so how can I ask my women to be a trophy

you're a 10 regardless

I just need a semi decent pussy

a pair of luscious lips

and eyes to gaze into

I am a fool

probably the worst

I am a fool

for you I douse myself in kerosene

and self immolate like some viet kong monk

That man can't write about you the way I do

your quirks and female loveliness is lost on him

his humor is self worship

his ego is broken but big

I just want to nuzzle up to your large gracious tits and hold you like I never did when you were more mine

who knows

maybe he loves you

maybe I don't

the cigarettes and the haters are calling

my love withers on the vine

I am a fool

you shine like some cruel sun

If you were mine Id get a six pack of cool beer

and some premium blow

and rent us a fancy hotel room

where we can have each other

where we can hide from these senseless streets

where we could conspire to blow the city up

like twin ghost

deer lord help me to not smoke cigarettes

I need to know you're real about kicking it


before I

quit the coffin nails

because my time is precious babe

like gold sloughing off the second hand on a thrift store clock radio

we can listen to music

we can fool the world

we can take it over

and rule like rockstar poets

I just need that coco butter skin

and your body

to play a song so strange and beautiful

the meat grinder world would weep


let me