The window was open just enough to let in the cool night air.

You call this cool? Where are you from, the equator?

Who is narrating here, me or you?

I'm just saying that to anyone else your "cool air" is pretty tepid.

Fine, it was open enough to let in the night breeze. Are you happy now? It let in a breeze ruffling the hair of-

It's actually closer to predawn air really...

Will you stop back seat narrating?

Accuracy is important.

So is narrative flow. Does this look like it flows to you? Huh?

Just try it.

Fine, if it makes you shut up.

The window was open just enough to let in the pre-dawn breeze... Oh, that does sound pretty good.


All right but you gotta let me finish okay, you promised.

Of course. Go on.

The breeze danced across her cheeks and her dreaming eyelids. It ruffled the curtain by her bed. It moved the long blonde strands of-

That really is more of a light brown.


Maybe dishwater blonde if the moon was brighter, you should bring up the moon-


I'm sorry sweetie, please go on.

Why can't you let me just do one story? You said I was ready.

You are, sweetie, you just need a little practice.

And how am I supposed to get any if you won't let me solo a whole sentence!

I think you're exaggerating dear.

Oh really? Well, I think you're-

"Both of you shut up!"

Did… did my character just talk to us?

Well she is sitting bolt upright in bed her fiery eyes scorching into our hearts.

Seriously, Dad? Now?

"I said shut up!"

Okay, look this isn't cool. You aren't supposed to be able to talk to us. You aren't even supposed to be able to see us.

"No, I'm supposed to be asleep dreaming about dragons but I can't do that because you two are arguing really loudly."



We'll be quiet.

"Thank you."

She lay back down her eyes already slipping closed anticipating the next marvelous dream and letting this one fade from her memory…

"I know you're not a dream."

Ooh, try this very realistic dream, sweetie, a dream as sharp as an ice sculpture that yet in memories light must melt.

I can narrate my own story dad, and I can do it without resorting- hey!


Did you just squirt us with the spray bottle you keep by your bed at all times in case the cats try to climb your bed curtains in the middle of the night?

Oh, well done dear!

"Yes. I did. Now shut up and let me sleep."

Right, um, good night.

Sweet dreams.

"Thank you. Good night."

With a sigh she set-