Note: There is a small bit of this that is not mine; it's a couple of lines from "Kurage no Uta", the "Jellyfish Song", which itself comes from Dramatical Murder. It was what I was listening to when the images first came to mind and I wasn't in the best mindset, so it sort of evolved into what it is. Short, but meaningful considering the individuals behind who the characters are.
Primary Character: Tamara Riddle

Jellyfish Song

"Yurayura, yurameku, nani no ma ni. Kirakira, kagayaku koe wa tada yure kanata e to.."

The voice drifting around the bathroom was calming, the voice flawless and soothing, crystalline in its perfection and the pitch even and steady. Even the music that backed it was calm and relaxing, allowing a peaceful feeling to sink down into her bones as she lounged in the warm bath water, eyes closed and shock red hair pulled back. Images of jellyfish floated past the backs of her eyelids, the crystal clear blue and turquoise of the water glimmering with sunlight from overhead.

Tamara let herself fall into the spell of the tranquility that had enveloped her, a smile spreading across her face. These moments were rare, and somewhere inside she knew this. Perhaps that was why she gave herself over so fully to the peace the voice offered her, letting it build a haven for her where the outside world didn't exist so she could feel herself surrounded by those she loved once again. It had been so painfully lonely since the flight from Harritol, and she was still so desperately alone..

But in this moment, Mr. Lacrimos's voice lilting around her and the music of his orchestra propping up her wounded and battered soul, she was among friends; the ghosts that were hidden in her mind were once again free to roam the halls and laughter filled her ears, senses filled with the chatter and smells of the peaceful chaos that was the early morning ritual she and her friends had shared for so long. Raine knocked impatiently on the door, MJ and Liam tearing through the halls behind her in a mad chase for MJ to retrieve his hat back from the shorter man.

Grey eyes filled her mind and the memory of a kiss lingered on her lips for a moment, threatening to derail the calm surface of the seas that raged within, but it was gone as quickly as it came as the music drifting around her submerged her again into the depths of its rich timbre and gentle tones.

The soft strings and subtle synth notes behind them carried her off to that ocean once more, dropping her to drift amongst the carefree jellyfish in that endless, impossibly blue water. The waves cleansed the pains and washed away the failures, leaving her as a newborn in her own skin for the first time since her creation. She could almost feel that connection to the flame that had long been extinguished within, tempted to reach for it and grasp tight-

She stopped short as the music began to wind down, her hand hanging lamely in the air as if intending to grasp some physical entity. The tune was the same as the start, but in this moment where all of her anxieties had been beaten back by it and she had let herself believe that she wasn't alone again, the falling of the voice and the rhythm was like crashing from a high. It ebbed and flowed as the waves in her mind had, but as it faded, the melody took on a much sadder tone to her, and she felt suddenly much smaller than ever before.

"Yume miru kurage wa uta kanade. Kirakira kagayaku koe wa tada yure anata e to.."