246 Grove Acre Avenue

Looking to spice up the morning, midday, or evening routine? Running on the old Del Monte Railroad running trail is a fun way to mix things and learn about the past. From Castroville to Pacific Grove, the railroad ended at Asilomar. The tracks eventually fell out of favor until they were utterly decommissioned in the 1990s. It has since become a legendary hangout for Pacific Grove residents, providing a more relaxed, cleaner, and more serene alternative to the busy Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. Intrepid runners will take the trail from Asilomar, along the edge of the Pacific Grove Golf Links, and onto the Monterey Bay Coast, which winds through a calm, densely forested area of Pacific Grove. These places are near houses like 246 Grove Acre. Or do you dislike beating the pavement? Occasionally, neither do we! Why not take it easy on your knees and race entirely off-road across the Peninsula, where there is so much natural beauty? Asilomar State Beach is a great place to get some exercise while taking in the views of Santa Cruz and North Monterey Bay. At over 1,000 feet long, the beach has plenty of space to do a few laps on the smooth, white sand while taking in the views of Santa Cruz and North Monterey Bay. 246 Grove Acre Avenue.