It's been so long that I've loved him - I think it happened from the moment we met - that now...he's all I think about most days. He invades my thoughts and I can't help but smile every time he enters my head. He just makes every day better.

Because loving him? It felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

Slow at first, then all at once. Before you know it, everything in your life has changed and you can't even remember how it started, how it all began.

It just happened - it just did.

And the best part is that it all changes for the better. Everything is better, everything is right in the world. He changes everything in my life and makes it all better.

And once Alice hit the bottom, she never really left Wonderland, did she? It always stayed with her, the memories, the lessons she learned - the became apart of her. A part that Alice never wanted to let go of.

And that's how I feel about everything since him.

I never want to let go of it, I want to feel it all.

Because he's different - he's different in the best possible way.