Sometimes I wonder if people around me notice how I feel for you. If maybe it's written all over my face.

Does it show in my voice? Does it crack when I talk? Does it show in the way my eyes dart around the room, searching for your face? Does it show in the small things I do? Like look up when your name is spoken...

Then my mind turns again - turns to you, turns to thoughts of what must be on your mind. Do you think of me? Do I ever cross your mind at all? Is this the way things will always be between us? Do you notice at all my feelings for you?

I stay quiet too much, I know. I fall silent when you're near - I know that, too. But I do care about you - so deeply and intensely, I feel you must know. How could you not?

But for all my wonderings, musings, all of the thoughts swirling in my mind - I still don't know for certain.

And for all of this, all of the broken bits mended, all of the hope alighting and fading like a candle that refuses to be snuffed out - I wait.

I wait for you.