How can that one guy, that one guy that holds my heart and always has not know how I feel about him?

Often, thoughts wander to him, to what he thinks of us. Of what we are to each other. And more often, I find myself confused as to exactly what we are.

Are we friends?

Surely not. He won't accept friend requests, he never seems to want me to hang out with him. And he looks a little too long and a little too intensely at me for it ever to be deemed simply just a friendship.

Are we more?

He says not. I can't help but wonder though how much he means that. Surely, if it was nothing between us then he wouldn't be this sweet to me, wouldn't seem to care this deeply. He wouldn't put so much effort into being around me and getting to know me.

So I'm left in limbo, waiting on him to make a move or waiting on him to let me go.

It's the hardest most confusing and difficult place to be in.

Sometimes I'm forced to wonder if he even cares about the situation he puts me in.

And yet, I can't stop myself from waiting on him. It's too much at times but I'm still here.

He's the only guy I've ever felt this deeply for, only one I ever will feel this deeply for.

So why won't he do something?

Can't we be together yet?

Or am I reading everything wrong?

Am I stupid to wait on you, T?