I snuggled deeper into his side, the heat blasting out from the vents in the vehicle not comparing to the warmth of his body. I could practically see his smile as he let out a low chuckle, pulling me as close as he could with one hand on the wheel. His blue eyes were steady on the road as the song changed on the radio, soft alternative music flowing in from a station I hadn't heard of. My mind began to wander, as it always did on nights like these.

How very different my life had been once, before all of this began. The days were slow, all blurring together - nothing special to remember really. And yet, it had been normal. In retrospect, when the dark days came - not a lot changed in my life. Except learning to live without him which was tougher than you could possibly imagine. Endless days I had spent worrying, anxiety rising up in me every time my thoughts turned to him.

Breathing in the lingering scent of his cologne that clung to his clothes, I let my eyes flutter shut and his warmth envelop my cold skin. I never wanted to go another day without him. In fact, I vowed that to myself when it all came to an end. No matter what, there would be no more hurt feelings, no more avoiding. No more living without each other. I just couldn't do that. I loved him way too much to ever let him go like that again. It almost killed me the first time.

My eyes opened then as I felt the vehicle take another turn, feeling my stomach sink as I recognized it as the one that led to my road. A frown formed on my features, not wanting this night to come to an end. Then again, I never really did.

As always, he knew exactly what I was thinking and I felt his fingers trace comforting circles across the cotton sleeve of my shirt. This time, I was the one to smile.

Oh, how I desperately, irrevocably loved this man...

But all too soon, the vehicle turned again and before I knew it, he cut the engine. My smile slid into a frown and I let a sigh escape from between my lips.

Glancing up, I saw all the lights on in the house and knew it was time to let go of him. Why did it always come too soon?

"I wish I could rewind today and live it again..." I said softly, letting the words hang in the silence of the vehicle.

He just shook his head, smiling that beautiful smile at me - that one he always got when his eyes met mine. I never could explain it but it was one of...wonder? Joy? Like I was the best thing to him... Funny, it's how I felt for him.

Gently, his fingers reached out to push back strands of my dark hair, his touch like fire on my skin. Despite the warmth still lingering in the air, a shiver ran down my spine. The corners of his lips twitched at my reaction and I rolled my eyes, about to pull away when he pulled me in. His mouth collided into mine and instantly, I felt myself melt into it. The kiss was full of warmth, gentle but with an undertone of an intense passion I couldn't ever feel with anyone else in this world imaginable.

My hand went to cup his jaw before gently sliding down to the base of his neck, fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. A contented sound emanated from his mouth and I smiled into the kiss.

Cold winter air was slowly seeping in through the cracks of the windows now but I still couldn't feel anything but warm. Breaking away, my eyes opened up into gorgeous depths of blue and my fingers gently caressed his skin.

It took so long for us to get here.

But in the end?

All of it was worth it.