Gabriel Hicks revenge Tdelicot Summary: Three years later Gabriel Hicks escapes from the Danville prison system with help from the local Cartel. He goes after those that had put him back into prison with help from Fornell, Sloane and Gibbs.

Chapter 1

April 20th, 2021 DANVILLE PRISON

The cells had opened on the third level of the D section of high-profile prisoners. And one of them was a murderer Gabriel Hicks having murdered his lawyer three years prior along with a number of charges.

He was standing in line getting ready to eat in the mess hall after spending 18 hours in his cell and his roomie. Hicks had friends from the outside working with the local Cartel of Washington, D.C. to help with getting him out with two of the security guards paid.

Currently, Hicks was waiting on those two guards to take him out to another section of the prison without anyone noticing it happening. He had been rubbing his head since he had shaved it a number of times during the past few months. He's been waiting for this special day when one of the burly guards names Max came over to pull him out of the line giving him the cue.

Another joined him behind with placing the cuffs as part of the show taking the elevator down. Everyone else was more worried about their meal for the near future.

Meanwhile, Warden Jordon Akers age 61 had taken over ever since the previous warden had helped Ex Secretay of Defense Kynn Crawford had escaped last year with disappearing. He had arrived back from a meeting outside of Danville going over possible changes with the prison system.

Just when he had walked into his office when the alarms were going off throughout the prison. He called the outer office to find out just what the hell was happening.

"Sir, a prisoner Gabriel Hicks has escaped with help from two security guards having been paid. Additional security has arrested the guards even though Hicks is now gone." Sergeant Daniel Ellison needed to say on the dangerous criminal.

"Damn! Gabriel Hicks is most dangerous and no doubt will be heading for Washington, D.C. to revenge against Special Agent Gibbs and two others behind putting in prison in the first place?" he cried out with getting back on the phone in his office.

Director Leon Vance had been worried after Gibbs needing to go to court for a pass case while he was placed on suspension the past month. All this was a fraud to make everyone involved in the case and others that Gibbs is no longer creditable with his testimony.

He had told Special Agent Gibbs down in his basement that he might lose his job for good and no doubt needing to take his retirement finally.

Waiting in his office upstairs with Gibbs team out in the field working on a murder of a Chief Petty Officer Jason Lamont out of Quantico.

While he was studying a number of other files given to him by his own secretary currently on an errand for the Naval Yards. His phone rings as he picks it up. "This is Director Leon Vance of NCIS how can I help you?"

"Director this Warden Jordon Akers of the Danville prison. I am calling to let you know about a dangerous situation with the escape of a prisoner Gabriel Hicks." he will say with his aid coming inside with a further report on the two guards involved.

"Are you serious Warden Akers? Gabriel Hicks when he was arrested by Fornell and Gibbs. He had vowed to come after the both of them and kill them as with Doctor Jacqueline Sloane. We were able to arrest two security guards working with Hicks and his escape. We haven't been able to track him for where he might have gone Director Vance?" he cried out with his response.

"I will advise those involved with the arrests. Even though Special Agent Gibbs is on suspension and Special Agent Tobias Fornell is away for a conference up in Albany, New York for the F.B.I. Thank you for calling to let me know."

After hanging up the phone on the warden. Director Leon Vance needed to see Gibbs personally even though he had mentioned that his friend Marcie Warren had been staying at his house for a few days working on a very special story that she had given to him a few days earlier.

Currently, Marcie was watching Gibbs cooking his famous steaks on the grill while inside his fireplace. Even Lucy was getting anxious about wanting a piece of the action. She was chuckling at him for having to be so comical with his glasses to see what he's doing.

Over the years he's been losing his eyesight with needing the glasses along with his right ear and his hearing. Even his hair had turned pure silver now during the past five years. However, Marcie had heard through the grapevine that he was still basically a ladies' man.

"What Marcie?" he cried out with his pulling out one of the steaks needing to be placed on the plate.