Gabriel Hicks revenge

Chapter 152

"Yes, and why he had been told by Director Lowry to talk with Director Lowry in order to talk about the recent changes in the bullpen." Marcie alluded.

"Tim always had trouble with talking about his feelings for anything. Especially with the Paraguay truth having been gone for two-plus months. Back then he came to me in the basement at 3 a.m. in morning. I told him that he needed to talk with Doctor Confalone." Gibbs tells her.

"I believe that everyone has problems now of days Jethro and including myself, you, and many others?" Marcie advised.

"My problem is getting over my past and it's going to take a long time to recover both mentally and physically with the latest injuries I had suffered." he croaks out with his own response.

"That's because Jethro you're letting it bother you. When you've got a new life to start at the NCIS ACAMEDY?" she will tell him the truth.

"Jesus H. Christ I know that Marcie!" he was livid with blowing up at his wife.

"Hey! why are you yelling at me, Leroy Jethro Gibbs?" she was livid for the moment with moving away from him. "Maybe you need to talk again with Doctor Confalone again?" she preceded to tell him the truth. Knowing full well he didn't need to hear this at all.

"I don't need a shrink just the time to actually recover." he pauses for the moment.

"Fine, do what is what you need to do Jethro. Right now I have work that needs to be done with my stories and the deadline by my editor for the WASHINGTON POST." she had to say to him with anger.

"You're not going anyplace with finishing this fight up with me?" he said with sympathy in his demeanor.

"Really!" she was angry with saying the one-word statement.