Gabriel Hicks revenge

Chapter 154

He wanted to kiss his wife goodbye. But she wanted no part of his to be kissing her. She watched him pick up his things for the operation in Reston, Virginia.

She didn't bother to head downstairs to watch him leave into his truck. However, she did watch from the bedroom window with his pulling out of the driveway of the house.

Afterward, she moved into the nursery to check on Shane as he was asleep with the agent as well on the cot.

She woke to see her standing over the crib with her son asleep. "Is there something wrong Marcie?" she had gotten up to see her crying falling down her cheek.

"He's gone this time to go with his friends to the hotel in Reston, Virginia to try and find three main people that are causing him nothing but grief," she tells her...

"Who?" she asks with the simple question.

"Paul Lemere, Gabriel Hicks, and most of all Alejandro Riveria." she stayed quiet for the moment.

"Three dangerous men, that can kill at any time, Marcie?" Alicia croaked out with her information.

Shrugging of her shoulders. "How well do I know it Alicia and this time I am afraid that Jethro might not be coming back this time?" she cried out with moving into her bedroom to try and sleep a little.

Meanwhile, Leroy Jethro Gibbs was angry at himself for leaving his wife to go on the operation. He was caught between a rock and a hard place right now.

Moving onto the exit of the highway leading to Reston, Virginia, and the Marriott hotel for where he will be meeting up with the team and most of all Timothy McGee.

Traffic was getting to be a little heavy at times with vehicles getting off the exits. Drinking the coffee that he picked up at his favorite diner. He looks through the windshield seeing a blue light truck with five or six cars behind him. He was going to speed up some to see if he's being tailed...