Gabriel Hicks revenge

Chapter 160

As the dream continued...

Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been placed onto the stretcher and into some type of black truck hurting him further with his side and more blood seeping out through the makeshift bandages.

Gibbs was able to hear voices as Cecelia was trying to say to Gibbs to try and take it easy. "Gibbs, can you hear me, we are almost to the Rectory to help you to get some sleep. I will need to take care of your injuries?" she tells him...

He was in and out of conscience. When all of a sudden the dream ended abruptly with Gibbs looking at the time as he was sleeping on the couch in his suite.

The dream seems so real to him with the exact events actually happening for him once he had been thrown off his RULE 91 boat in Crystal Lakes, North shore. Shaking his head needing to get up from the couch to use the bathroom for the moment. However, he took a look into the mirror to see the crow's feet under his eyes.

He hated himself with the way he was looking with his appearance. Drying his face after throwing some water onto his face as he headed back out to the living room ...

Taking a small glass of the Champagne since he's not had any in such a long time with his last marriage actually. Grabbing more of the bottle with pouring it again, with grabbing the crackers with spreading the cheddar cheese to take it all at once before doing it again four more times before he was able to have enough for now.

He had grabbed the remote to check for anything of interest on TV only to find a John Wayne flicked called Stage Coach.

STRETCHING OUT HIS LEGS ON THE LONG, BLACK LEATHER COUCH. He was able to close his eyes to eventually finally fall asleep by setting his alarm on the orange watch that was given to him by Mike Franks only a few days prior to his murder.

Meanwhile, Timothy McGee had been reading the file given to him saying that there had been a lot of activity in and around the copper mine.

It had been stated by the undercover agent working that there were a lot of explosives having to be brought into the mine. Either this was a good or bad thing? McGee didn't know either way with laying the file back onto the coffee table with the rest of the essentials and including his drinks and food.