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Gabriel Hicks revenge

Chapter 161

Since it was still relatively early for both men. Gibbs needed to take a shower to loosen up his old bones. Removing his sweatpants from his body to be completely nude. He checks himself in the mirror of the bedroom to notice the scar on his side caused by the explosion of his boat with a large piece of chard embedded.

He had been thinking about a lot of people in his mind and one of them was Anton Alexi the Russian sniper for which he had dealings many years ago, and the other was Gabriel Hicks for the most part.

Moving away from the mirror. He moved into the bathroom by turning on the hot and cold water of the huge shower to fit a number of people inside. nevertheless the water was just perfect for him when he walked inside with grabbing the blue washcloth and ivory soap sitting on the white dish.

He started to wash his body by grabbing the shampoo given by the hotel soaking up his head before washing it out once he was done.

Moving out by grabbing the two white terry cloth towels with one drying his head and the other around his waist and the bedroom to dress before the briefing and breakfast.

He felt slightly out of place for the moment as he was now ready with grabbing his cell phone to check for any calls or texts. There was another from Marcie with a quick text saying "I love you."

He smiled with saying the same with the response back with turning off everything on his phone for when they are near the copper mine or inside.

Taking the keycard with him into his pocket before closing the door and walking down towards the elevator with two males walking out and Gibbs walking inside to head down with pushing the button.

Meanwhile, Nick, Knight, McGee, and Lt. Brown were anxious about waiting for Gibbs to arrive for the breakfast and briefing.

When all of a sudden they saw Gibbs walk inside seeing them at the table in the back. "He's arrived!" Tim needed to say with telling everyone to relax.