Standing in the tall grass, the forest lies ahead. Magnificent trees, tall by any measure. The path meets a road and follows the forest in parallel. To call it a road is a luxury, light loose sand, heavy to walk on, slippery at times. The sun reflects off the sand, it reflects, almost blinding me, I opt to walk on the side towards the high grass, minimizing my effort. After some hundred meters the road bends slightly towards the forest. With the forest to the left, some trees start appearing to the right now as well. Only a few at first, a single line, the sun now dancing past the tree tops casting remarkably sharp lines in the sand, more contrast than I would have thought.

Then soon the road turns further into the forest and the loose sand gives way to increasingly darker soil. It slopes gently upward, hugged by the trees, left and right. I cross the road, looking out for a path leaving the road. Somewhat further away I see a depression on the side of the road, the path I was looking for. The trees are so high, there's so much space, I'm surprised by the valley that is revealed as I get closer. I follow the road, the first part is difficult, the incline just a bit too much to be comfortable.

I'm starting to become properly hungry, I make a place to eat, to rest, for a short nap too. The sun started to set, the moon was out on time and I could continue. The rest of the path illuminated by the moon. Dusk became night and I felt regret with the path that I had taken. Then I found the plateau, or at least, I found a place standing out, a crescent shape, illuminated by the moon. As I approach it, my heart is heavy, my steps too. The plateau fell out of my sight as the path took me further down. The moonlight illuminating enough that the rough shape still stood out.

My path takes me beside the plateau, I observe it from the side as the path leads me around it. Then I see a short climb to the top. With each step I take, climbing up seems harder. By the time I get up top I feel old, I'm walking with a cane. My cloak feels heavy, my backpack heavier still. My cowl ragged. Standing on top, there's grass, illuminated by the full moon, it's bright, almost blinding.

I walk on the plateau, my breathing heavy, I look around and look back to the road I took. I see a figure passing below, I see myself passing below. A moment later my head hurts, memories flood in my mind. My memory of walking by, of climbing up, they all seem contiguous, nothing feels missing in between, yet I don't feel like I'm the same person that just walked by below. A sharp ache has taken over my mind, my head feels like it's exploding. A pressure builds and I fall to my knees.

Gasping for air, I wake up from my nap, it's dusk, the sun is setting. My heart races as I sit there, puzzled with what just happened. A panic comes over me, I check my clothes, my cloak, the bags. It's all there just as I started my nap. My regrets got the best of me as I settled to make a camp and then tomorrow morning, I'll return.