"No." he replied.

"All right then," She cuddled closer to him, her body heat warming his side. "I'll ask you something else." She went silent, thinking. Her fingers stroked his chest again. "You own this place, right? Rent the garage to your vampire?"

"She's not my vampire, but yes."

"And you own that place across the street, too?"

"Yes. The new tenants are moving in on the first."

"So... How did you get into real estate?"

"I took a class. It seemed interesting."

She laughed and rolled on her back, then she rolled back, pushed herself up on her hands and kissed him. "You are an enigma, Gil Walton." She kissed him again, then draped herself across his chest. "A handsome enigma, wrapped in a beautiful mystery, wrapped in a sexy, sexy, riddle."

He laughed and kissed her back.

After a few minutes she broke away and yawned. "Good night." she said.

"Good night." Gil replied. Spooning against her back, he pulled up the blanket to cover them both.