Written for a writing prompt I saw somewhere on the Internet that went something like this: "Normally people write about normal people going to fantasy worlds to save them. Write about one of those people returning to their daily lives and how they adjust". Thought it was fun and a good opportunity to practice writing something angsty, so here it is.

I only lasted a week.

The first day one was idyllic. I met my family after ten long years away, and the first thing I did was hug my mom fiercely, for so long that she started to worry (understandable, after all not one second had passed here since I was away). Then I called my friends to meet up with them, and had a fun afternoon with them.

The night of the first day one was passed trying not to wake anyone up with my usual nightmares, nightmares that consisted of the horrors I've seen in the war to save the world, and the accusing spirits of my dead friends.

The second day I was tired, but it was something I was used to so I just took it calmly. After looking up the date I remembered it was the summer hols, so I had nothing to do (thankfully, after ten years it would have been difficult for me to catch up with my Uni studies). A day to relax and spend more time with my family, something that had been rare when I was in Utha.

The night of the second day was the same as the first.

The third day I was feeling restless, so I decided to ring up my friends again. But without the happiness of seeing them again clouding my mind, I noticed I was incredibly annoyed with them. Their conversations and worries, they seemed so… banal to me, so unimportant. It was with a mix of resignation and aching sadness that I realized that even though my body had returned to that of an 18 year old teenager, in reality I was a 28 year old warrior, trained by the best Uthia had to offer, who had participated in countless battles and a war, who had fought monsters and lost many friends.

With those experiences, I just couldn't connect with them anymore. I was more hardened, more mature.

I returned home early, making the excuse that I wasn't feeling well. It wasn't the end of the world, I told myself, I could just make new ones who were more mature. Though in my mind I knew that unless I befriended a soldier that had participated on a war, no one's experience would match with mine enough to connect.

I was also sick of the nightmares, and one of the reasons I decided to return home was that in Utha they didn't have psychologists, so it was difficult to get treated if you had PTSD. Like me. But after deciding to bring up the topic with my parents, I froze. What excuse could I give them for needing this? And even if they agreed, which psychologist would believe that an 18 year old with a normal life so far, had participated in a war and had PTSD? I couldn't exactly tell anyone that I had been abducted to a fantasy world because I was prophesied to save them, could I?

I gritted my teeth and went to my room to calm myself. Okay, so I would just have to endure until time in a normal world soothed them. I could do that. I had faced worse than a few nightmares after all.

It was telling myself that, that I endured the rest of the days.

Then in a conversation with my parents, my dad jokingly called me 'my little future lawyer', and it was as if a dam had broke on my mind. Memories of my life here, memories that I had forgotten thanks to my focus on my mission (a focus that at first came from a desire to return home but that later changed to a desire to save the world I ended up loving so much) came back, and I had to excuse myself once again before the nausea overtook me.

You have to know, the typical desire to go home that people like me usually have didn't last the month - not because I no longer wanted to return, mind you. The reason was because in Utha, I finally felt alive. I was just an 18 year old girl, a kid really, who before getting here was feeling bored with her life, and was incredibly lost on what to do with it, so she just accepted her parents' wish of being a lawyer - a 'respectable career' as they called it.

And all that came back to me. The days blurring away because they were exactly the same, the ache for something more and the hunger to escape this boring, ordinary life.

It seemed that in my time away, 'home' had become something I had embellished in my mind, making it something different than what it was.

I couldn't stay here. The normality would choke me, make me drown and wither away like a flower with too much sun but not enough water. I was what Uthians called a 'warrior at heart'. I was made for the battlefield; nothing made me more alive than swinging my sword and firing my arrows in defence of my Queen (my beautiful, kind, a bit bratty but overall perfect Queen whom I should have never abandoned - the coldness on those eyes when I informed her of my intention to return made my heart ache - still did...).

My parents would be heartbroken, but even though I loved them… ten years of hardships had made me realize that if you don't look after your own happiness, no one is going to. Giving up what you want, what you need in my case, to make others happy was denying yourself your own happiness for others, and thus something foolish and overly romanticized.

If one wanted to be happy, they had to be a bit selfish. And my happiness wasn't here, this didn't even feel like home anymore, but in my happiness I had ignored it. I could visit every once and again, but I couldn't stay.

Mind made up, I went to my room and took the transportation crystal my Queen had given me ('for when you realize your home is here' she had said with that arrogance that at first had made me grind my teeth, but that I had later grown to love) and took a deep breath. I could come back, I reassured myself. Even if my happiness was home, it was still difficult to leave my parents again, this time willingly. But time worked differently between the two worlds; I may had been purposely transported to the same second I left but normally, a week in Utha was a day here. So I could still come back and visit, and maybe after I explain it to my parents and let them visit Utha with me - if my Queen permits it that is - they will understand and be glad that I'm happy.

Another deep breath, and I mutter the activation code. Suddenly my world consists of blurring colors and the dizzying sensation of moving at high speeds.

When I land, I do it as gracefully as always: falling on my butt, groaning and cursing the blasted thing. How I hated this mode of transportation...

A musical laugh made me stop cursing and freeze for a moment, before looking up. There, sitting with her back resting on a tree, nearly in the same position that I left her, was Laethia. My Queen.

"I see our dear Hero is still as clumsy as ever," she teased, standing up. Then, with her grin dimming slightly she added, "Took you long enough, General. The troops have been restless without you, and don't get me started on the Idiot you call your best friend."

I laughed at that, standing up and bowing at her, grinning widely.

"Your Majesty, it is good to know my troops have missed me," I said, giving a slight, sarcastic emphasis on 'troops', making that delightful blush appear on her face. It seems she got what I meant.

"Them and Leth. The Idiot couldn't stop sobbing and wailing the first days," she sniffed.

"Oh, so I couldn't, could I?" Came a teasing voice from the woods.

"Leth!" I cried, running towards him and giving him a huge hug,with was returned with a laugh.

"Hey, pipsqueak," he grinned. "One would think it was you who spent seven weeks without seeing us, not the other way around."

"Who says I missed you?" I teased back. "I just missed embarrassing you, you are so cute when you blush... How is Kyo, by the way? Have you asked for permission to court him yet?" He blushed, just like I intended, and I laughed.

"Why did I miss you again?" He grumbled.

"Because you couldn't live without me," I answered. His eyes softened, and he ruffled my hair with a fond smile.

"That I couldn't, pipsqueak. That I couldn't."

I gave him a soft smile before turning back to look at my Queen, who was looking at us with a soft smile of her own.

"So," I said, suddenly feeling awkward. I heard Leth leave, and when I looked at him he gave me a cheeky grin and mouthed 'go for it' before ducking away from my glare.

"So." She repeated, amused.

"Sobbing and wailing?" I asked with a small smile.

"Leth was lying," she immediately replied. I stared at her with a lifted brow for a few seconds before she looked away. "Maybe a little," she finally admitted.

"I may have shed a few tears myself," I said, looking away with a small blush dusting my cheeks. "Only a few, that is." I wasn't tormented every night with nightmares after all. Who knew dreams could be so vivid… and make you feel so intensely?

"Of course." Her voice sounded amused again.

We stayed in silence for a little while, before I cracked. It had been just a week. I had spent even longer without seeing her, and this time I even had something with which to return. I had been so frantic that last week here, always keeping the crystal in my line of sight, panicking if I couldn't find it... But strangely, that week without her in my original world had hurt worse than the few months without her here. Maybe because I was too far, maybe because I voluntarily decided to return, with the possibility of never seeing her again... Maybe I was afraid that she wouldn't wait for me.

But she had been here. In the ritual circle a mile away from the city and her castle. Sitting against the same tree she had been leaning on when she was seeing me off, telling me that she would be waiting for me to return to my duties.

She had waited for me. She had missed me.

I walked towards her and engulfed her in a hug.

"I missed you," I whispered.

Her body had tensed for a second in surprise, but after those words she relaxed and hugged me back fiercely. "I missed you too," she whispered back. My heart beating strongly, I leaned back a little and, after giving her a small smile, I kissed her, lightly at first, but it became more and more passionate as she joined in.

We separated and smiled at each other. I was finally home.