It's a really hot day in heaven and Lük, the demon living in his new home in the outskirts, is sweating like crazy. He drools, especially when there's no saliva due to scorching hot temperatures. He decides to go down the neighborhood and sit on somebody's cooler. A stranger exits his house and says to Lük, "Hey, what the hell do ya think ya doin', hellboy?" Lük rebuttals, "Cooling my ass off, kind sir. Now leave me to freeze." The stranger throws Lük off the cooler and says, "Why don't you burn to death in Hell?". "I can't, they won't let me back.", said Lük. "Goddammit.", he also says while taking out a cigar. He sees Bea the angel approaching with some heavy equipment and she says, "Oh, hey, Lük. Whatcha doin' out here? We normally don't see you since you live all alone on a creepy hill." "I like the creepiness, red. What's with the loot you're carrying?", said Lük. "Oh, this. Well, I'm gonna head off to the beach.", said Bea. "Heaven has a beach?", said Lük. "Of course. We've always had a beach here. Where have you been?", said Bea. Lük replies,"Uh, originally, down beneath Hell. But what the hell, I could use some time away from this cute-infested shithole." "Aw, you think I'm cute? Oh you softy.", said Bea before Lük hand palms and says "Just shut up and take me to the beach.". "Righty-o", said Bea. "Why is it that you're incapable of doing both things I said?", said Lük.