It's been months since Lük became stranded at sea, and now finds himself on a small remote island. He tried to signal for help using the sand ground, but it was too freakin' small for pilots to see. Lük started to have company of his own, an american football with a face he drew on called "Benson", and a dummy he made that looks like Bea. In the coming weeks, Lük starts to really lose it, as he keeps on twitching and talking to inanimate objects. Having lost all hope, Lük decides to kill himself by jumping into a volcano. When he does jump in, he suddenly realizes that demons can't die from lava because they're immune to it. He says, "SHIIIIIIITTTTTT!" As Lük lands on the lava, he says, "Well, this is a lost cause. Eh, might as well make the most of it." Then, he hears a cry from the distance. He hears somebody calling his name. He sees from afar that it's Bea. When he discovers Bea from the sky, he tries to get her attention... by trying to make the volcano erupt. He swims underneath the lava and cracks open the ground with his bear hands. When he does crack it open. He causes the ground the rumble. It's sounds like the volcano is about to erupt as he prepares to aim at Bea from the sky. The volcano shoots Lük out to the sky and Bea dodges in time. Lük lands on Bea and is excited to see her. "Oh, red. Thank god you came.", said Lük. Bea explains, "Oh my god. Lük. You would not believe what I've been through to come find you. First, I swam to where you were launched by Grant, then I realized I was an angel so I flew. Next, I was attacked by sharks, whales, dolphins, even the Loch Ness monster for some reason. Next, Some gang of pirates captured me, and do you know what happened next?" "They made you walk the plank?", asked Lük. Bea replied, "What, no. They made me their new captain. So I told them to find you, but on the way, we were attacked by sharks, whales, dolphins, and again the Loch Ness mosnter for some reason. All the pirates drowned, and then stumbled upon a volcano and then lava started shooting up and this guy who was literally black all over lands on me and-" "Hey, idiot. I'm that guy who's literally black all over.", said Lük. "Really. You don't look a lot like him. I mean, after all. you have a beard.", said Bea. Lük rips off his beard to prove it's him. "[gasp] Lük?! Is that you?", said Bea. "Where have you been. Some bearded guy who was literally black all over just landed on me." Lük furiously hand palms and says, "Just shut your goddamn mouth and take me home!" "Righty-o!", said Bea before the two were suddenly facing sharks, whales, dolphins and the Loch Ness monster. "Um, red.", said Lük. "Yeah?", asked Bea. "FLYYYYYYY!", shouted Lük as the sharks, whales, dolphins and the Loch Ness monster started pursuing Lük and Bea into a sunset.