It's okay for you to treat me like a stupid little child,

Who never has known anything,

And is incapable of ever learning.

It's okay for you to make things up and lie,

And put invented words in my mouth.

It's okay for you to twist things around

And get mad at things I never said

Or even remotely implied

(And you know I never meant).

It's okay for you to raise your voice

While accusing me of yelling

Although I spoke at a regular volume.

But when I get upset about things you did,

And point out you're the one doing

What you're accusing me of,

Then I'm the one who's wrong.

When I'm the one who repeats word-for-word

The exact same things that you just said,

Then I'm being the victim to make you look bad.

So if it's so bad for me to do,

And if it's wrong for me to say,

Then why are you allowed to do it?

Why can you yell at me and then get mad

When I just ask you to stop?

How come you can scream and stomp around and throw a fit,

But when I get mad that you use me as your verbal punching bag,

Then suddenly being angry is bad?

Why am I expected to sit here and silently take the things

That no one else can do to you?