At the home of the almighty God, he prepares to go out golfing. He asks his son Jesus to find him a caddy. Jesus replies, "Father, how about someone trustworthy, reliable and someone very close to you." "St. Peter? Nah, he made a permanent committment to the pearly gates. I bet he's enjoying it right now", said God as the scene cuts to St. Peter allowing a deceased guy into heaven. "Enjoy heaven while you still can.", said St. Peter before saying under his breath, "Please kill me." Jesus still gave God hints about who should be his caddy. "Grant, captain of the Angelic Guard?", asked God. "Not precisely", said Jesus. "I meant someone you've known your entire life." "Hmmm... that redhead, eh, what's her name? Belle? Bo? Bean?", said God. "Oh, for my sake, father. I meant-", said Jesus before God interrupted him by realizing who he wants as his caddy. The scene cuts to God knocking on the door of Lük's trailer. "You're picking the demon, father?", asks Jesus. "Of course. Sure he may have kicked me in the balls. But boy, does he crack me up with his banter.", said God. Lük opens it and God asks, "Hello my demon acquaintance. I was in the neighborhood to ask you a huge favor." "What favor?", asked Lük. "You see, I'm going to take part in a little golfing and I'm asking you to be my caddy.", said God. "Why the hell would I ever get serious back pain by lifting a billion golf clubs for you?", asked Lük. "Oh, come on. I heard you're the funniest one in Heaven.", said God. "In what way?", asked Lük. "Well, you just made a joke about back pain and I laughed in the inside.", said God. "Really? You think I would be your slave just like the black people were long ago? Pfft, ain't no chance in hell.", said Lük. "I'll pay you $1 million dollars.", said God before Jesus shouted "WHAT?!". Lük pauses and says "I'll go get my jacket, which I don't have." "Father, why did you tell him you would pay him $1 million dollars.", asked Jesus. "Because, my son, that was the only way to get him to accept my proposition. I don't really have a million dollars for Lük. I am very desparate for a caddy who will work for free.", said God. "But isn't that unethical?", asked Jesus. "Not if you feel great about it.", said God. As soon as God and Jesus leave Lük's place, they were completely unaware that Lük overheard what God said. "So, God's tryna screw me over, eh? Well, not if I screw with him even harder.", said Lük as he comes up for a little payback.