Chapter 7


Day 2

Time of day: Morning

Rodney's point of view.

"After yesterday's drama, we don't want to see anyone else bullying people. We let it slide yesterday because it was only the beginning of camp, but Zoey and Rodney deserve an apology." Miss. Olivia said demandingly. Everyone looked at us and said sorry. I held Zoey close to me, still being protective over her.

"Good. Now today will soon heat up once it hits the afternoon, so we'll all go canoeing." Mister. James then said. I looked at him, pleading through my eyes to be grouped up with Zoey. He nodded. "You can all pick your own partners."

I exhaled a breath of relief.

"That's amazing," she whispered lowly for me to hear. I hummed in acknowledgment.

"While waiting for the afternoon to arrive, you may all use the free Wi-Fi here and eat at the hall, shower, and just keep to yourselves." Miss. Olivia announced and started to walk off. Everyone scattered the area, and I dragged Zoey by the wrist, going back down to the river.

She was wearing shorts and a top just like me, and so I had an idea to go for a little wash in the river to save some shower time for later.

When we arrived, I took off my shoes and socks, placing my phone next to everything. Zoey giggled and did the same, following me into the river. She lowered her head underwater and washed up against my chest, her hand placed onto my shoulder. I grabbed her waist, pressing us close together while we stared into each other's eyes.

She smashed our lips together, and the smooth rhythm of the river helped to make everything flow so much more romantically.

I lowered my hand to the small of her back and kissed her neck, sucking gently. She moaned against me, and dug her fingernails into my shoulders, causing a tingle to shoot through me and create an erection.

Zoey tugged away and started swimming upstream a bit, then she winked at me and started floating back towards me. I laughed and tried to do the same, but I struggled to float and kept sinking out of anxiousness. Zoey snickered and started sucking on my neck, a lot harder than what I was doing.

I groaned to the sensation and heard her wet lips leave my skin that was stinging a bit. Bringing my fingers over to the spot, I smirked, knowing what she did.

"You just gave me a hickey."

Zoey giggled and nodded her head. I chuckled, grabbing her wrist, and pulling her towards me. "It's my turn to mark you now."

Zoey didn't even struggle against the idea as she tilted her head to the side, giving me easy access to her neck. I sucked roughly against her skin, and she grinded her ass against my crotch, making me hum a moan in my throat while stroking my hands up and down her stomach.

A light gasp left her lips when she felt my dick pressing between her thighs, and I finally tugged away, smirking at the hickey and her expression when she turned around to face me.

"Y-You're hard?"

"I have been for a while now." I calmly replied, washing the water over my hair. I then washed my face, completely cleaning myself. Zoey gulped and decided to do the same, her cheeks not even once fading from their new natural colour, pink.

"You really are cute," she whispered, looking at the water to avoid my stare. "I would love to experiment with you know… Your kinks and my kinks but let's wait till at least a week before we start touching in those places, no nudity though since I don't agree with public sex."

"Alright, Zoey." I replied, smiling as I watched her cuddle herself from in the water that exposed her shoulders.

Leaves rustled and I heard rocks skid down the hill, alerting us of a new presence. I was shocked to see Luna walking over to us with Rhett behind her. She looked upset.

"What do you want?" Zoey murmured; her aqua eyes widened with fear. Luna took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Zoey. I've talked with everyone about what happened and have realized that what we all did was wrong. It didn't even cross my mind as bullying, and that's because I was so distracted only thinking about what I was saying and not how you were feeling. A detention with the principal we're all getting after the camp."

I stared at Zoey, waiting for her to reply. She kept taking deep breaths.

"I don't want this to ever happen again and won't forgive any of you until you all prove yourselves to me."

Luna nodded her head. "I understand."

Rhett itched the back of his head awkwardly. "I'm sorry too."

"Thank you all for apologising. I can already assume everyone else is sorry too after Miss. Olivia mentioned the topic."

"That's correct." Rhett replied, staring down at the ground. "We'll leave now."

Just like Rhett said, they both left. I pulled Zoey into a tight hug, and we cuddled, feeling the water stir around us.

"I'll say this to you now Zoey.." I said, looking into her eyes. "I really hope for a great future to be ahead of us."

Zoey cried a single tear and pressed her head against mine. "I hope for the same thing."

Like the world connected our hearts together in that moment, we kissed, a rush of emotions shooting through me. I inwardly felt myself feel lighter.

This camp will show if we're right for each other.