"Sorry about your robot, Lük", said Bea. "Whatever. Sorry I cost you your house, red.", said Lük. "Oh, that's alright.", said Bea as she punches Lük in the arm. He punches back and accidentally breaks a bone of hers. "Oh, shit. sorry.", said Lük. "Eh, like you said, whatever.", said Bea. "Now I gotta take care of one last piece of business.", said Lük as he takes out a businness card of the man who gave it to him.

He goes to P. Richard Simmons' house, knocks on the door, and when P. Richard answers it, Lük punches him in the face and says, "Never, ever sell me stupid shit that will kill me!", and then he spits on P. Richard's business card and shoves it down his thoat. "That is what I think of your stupid shit!", said Lük as he leaves P. Richard's house and takes out a small bottle of whiskey and drinks it. Suddenly, he sees another Assist-o-Droid owned by a child and shoots it with a gun. The child cries. "Trust me, kid. This is for the best.", said Lük as he walks away and drinks. Then, the destroyed robot starts glowing red eyes.