Life of a Person in different Phases

When I was little, my mind was flooded with thousands of possibilities of what can I do. I had strong ambitions, creative hobbies and always in a state of joy. There was no need to worry about anything. You ask or cry for it, you get it. I thought that I was born free in every possible manner as long as I obeyed my parents. At this stage I believed Life was so simple.
Then I grew up to an adolescent. At this phase, I realized that there is more to the meaning to live. There was a time to struggle, a time to work hard. There was indeed some responsibility as a son, a sibling and as a student. Still, I had found joy in this stage. It is at this stage that I came to understand the family of friends where you can share all your thoughts and emotions freely. I always tried to look my best when I go out by which I could impress anyone. It is the time when you are the most active, with adrenaline pumping most of the time. You come across all kinds of feelings –guilty, anger, sadness, depression, love, lust, joy etc..
Then I reached the turning point of the life, as full-fledged youth. You are now a responsible person. You have to serve and care your family and build a one for you. At this point, I realized that my childhood was an illusion. Life comprises of both the good and bad times. The ambitions have changed. Hobbies are long gone along with the innocent atmosphere of a child. As a child, you imagine how it is to be an adult. When an adult, you fantasize becoming a child again.
At future as an adult, I had to become a responsible husband to my wife, a responsible son-in-law to her family, and a responsible father to my children. When I picked up my son, I felt there is nothing more important than him in my life, even now. I became ready to sacrifice my pleasure and time for the well being of my family. I became your typical middle-aged man.
Then I really sensed my health gradually decreasing. No more desire nor strength to work hard or play with family as usual. But by this time, I've successfully secured my family's financial security. All this time I saw my children becoming adults and tried to advise them so that they won't repeat the same mistakes I did. Alas, they rejected most of them. It is then I saw the importance of the advises my old man gave until his death.
Now my children became able to live independently, got their own kids to take care of (I became a grandpa). It is like you have become a kid again. No responsibility, you ask, you get (I fulfilled my earlier fantasy).
I then realized few important things, after my 65 years of existence. I realized that if you aren't grateful for what you have, you'll never be satisfied in life. It is okay to strive to achieve more if you are also thankful to the blessings you have. Also, it is not useless that you bunked some of your classes or hanged out with your friends. Because the feeling that you get from it will not be received after a few years. And making your parents and yourself proud is always the best thing you can do.
So, I think that the present life is to enjoy the life and to develop for becoming a responsible asset to the world. Enjoy the little things. Show your children and others the meaning of happiness.
This what I want you to do.