It's Sunday. You know what that means... no, not the game, it's time for church. All of heaven's inhabitants attend the church, all except for Lük, because there are signs that say "No Demons allowed", "Step Away from the place of god, demon." and "Go to church... back in hell". He didn't really care and mind because he hates church anyway.

Anyway, inside the church. An African-American man descends from the ceiling to make a dramatic entrance. He is landed in front of the podium. He introduces himself as "Reverend Lee Roy Jinkins." He reads the gospel from the holy bible, sings wholesome songs. But most of all, he tells the people about the "great evil" that is upon them all. He, of course, is talking about Lük. He says, "Brothers and sisters, beware. The great evil will kill us all. He will scar the little kiddies for life, he will desecrate our sacred land. He will bring judgment day sooner than later. BEWARE! BEWARE!"

After church is over, Lük drives around the street, with people staring at him, after what Reverend Jinkins has said. Lük looks confused while he goes to the store to buy some beer and cigars. He goes to a muscular shopkeeper who says, "We don't take kindly to your kind, demon.". Lük says, "[sigh] Alright, look. We've been through this already. So I'm just gonna pay for this shit and walk outta here without feeling intimidated by your ass." As Lük leaves the store, a kid sees him. Lük says "What?". The kid starts screaming and the mother says, "Get away from my son, vile beast." as she slaps him in the face. "What the f'n hell?", said Lük.

At his home, Lük and Bea have a conversation. "Can you believe those idiots? Thinking I'm the allegory of the apocalypse all because some bullshit father was talking trash about me." "Hmmm... You don't look like an 'ally gory' to me.", said Bea as she is checking him out. Lük says, "Thanks for the typical patronage, Red, but it ain't working. Maybe if I ignore the stupid crap long enough, I won't be labelled a threat to this happy-go-lucky land." Then, coincidentally, a news anchor says that there is a new threat to this happy-go-lucky land. He refers to the demon AKA "the great evil". Lük gets furious and shoots the TV. "That's it! I'm gonna find this preacher prick and beat the living shit outta him right now!", said Lük. Lük takes off in his trans am before Bea could say "Hey. Can you take me home please?"