Today is the day of the trial of Lüktipher. The judge is St. Peter. When asked why he is the judge, Pete said he was paid by God to do so. The jury is a list of deceased celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix." Lük is waiting for his lawyer. When the doors open, his lawyer is none other than... Bea. Lük hand palms in disgust. "Red, what the hell are you doing? You're not a real lawyer.", said Lük. "I know. I heard you were on trial, so I went and found the best lawyer i found... me. Also, these glasses look cool on me.", said Bea. "But you're not a lawyer, you're an idiot.", said Lük. "I can be both today.", said Bea. "So, Jinkins. Where's your lawyer?", said St. Peter. "Right here.", said a mysterious voice. He is revealed to be P. Richard Simmons, door-to-door salesman. "What?! That guy again? Ah, shit.", said Lük. "What's so bad about him?", said Bea. "He's the one who gave me that assistant robot who turned out to be a bloodthirsty killer- Wait! Why the hell am I explaining this to ya. You were there, Red.", said Lük. Bea blinks her eyes as she doesn't know what he's talking about. P. Richard Simmons approaches Lük. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Lükthiper Demonson. How are ya, my old friend.", said P. Richard. "Oh shut up.", said Lük. "Well, demon. How do you like my lawyer? He's the best one in heaven.", said Reverend Jinkins. "You're darn right. Here's my law diploma.", said P. Richard. Lük groans in rage. "Wow, the reverend's right. He's one good lawyer. You should've hired him instead.", said Bea.

The trial begins. St. Peter the judge asks P. Richard Simmons to give his opening statement. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we are here today to decide the fate of one Luktipher Demonson. A demon who has invaded this holy land and bring death and despair to us all." the jury gasps. "Oh, boy. I wonder where he got that from.", said Lük in a sarcastic tone. "Your honor, surely this demon cannot be considered acceptable to our society. I mean, do you even know where he comes from? The fiery pits of the underworld of damnation that is hell!", said P. Richard. The jury gasps again. "Should I say something?", asked Bea. "Yes. You're supposed to say objection. You're a 'lawyer', remember.", said Lük. And so Bea says "OBJECTION!". "On what grounds?", said St. Peter. "Because Lük told me to say it.", said Bea. Lük hand palms.

P. Richard Simmons calls to the stand... Captain Grant. "Now, Captain Grant. Could you tell the court of your thoughts about the demon now residing in Heaven.", said P. Richard. Grant says, "Well, first and foremost, he is a menace to our society. Just a few months ago, he kicked our great leader God in the nuts." "Did you hear that, God was kicked in the nuts... by whom? Satan? Buddah? No! That demon!" He points to Lük. "Oh, come on. That was before I apologized.", said Lük. "Yeah right.", said P. Richard. "And second of all, call me.", said Grant as he is talking to Bea.

Heather is called to the stand. "Now miss, how do you feel about the demon in heaven?", said P. Richard. Heather says, "He is a total destructive influence on my daughter Beatrice. She now has some sort of fixation on him. Being around him everywhere he goes. And now look at her, pretending to be his lawyer in this court of law. My life is already bad enough that HE is staying in heaven. Many years ago, I lost my hands in the great war between the angels and demons while I was breastfeeding Beatrice. When Satan launched a fireball pointing at us. I had t act quickly. I had to throw my own daughter away from the fireball and it evaporated my hands. I had to have my wings cut off and sewed on where my hands used to be." She shows the court her wing hands. "How do we know that the demon will do the same thing to us? He might chop off our hands, but he'll never chop off our dignity." "Since when do I fix things, Lük?", whispered Bea to Lük. "Normally never, red.", said Lük. The jury murmurs after hearing Heather's testimony.

Bea gives out her statement. "Your honor, ladies of gentlemen of the jury. My client and best friend Lük is not the demon who you say he is. Sure he can be cruel. Sure he can smell of cigars. Sure he can drink all the time. But that doesn't mean that he's evil. No, siree. All my best friends don't turn evil. They all turned my back on me for being and I quote 'stupid'." Lük puts his face on the desk table. "So if you get rid of my best friend, then you get rid of me!", said Bea. "Um, Beatrice. The jury is behind you.", said St. Peter. Bea doesn't realize because she is wearing glasses. "The other way, dumbass.", said Lük. "Oh, sorry." said Bea as she starts again "Anyway, as I said-" P. Richard interrupts "Objection! This lady doesn't even know what she's talking about. Heck, she ain't even a real lawyer." "Oh, believe me.", said Lük.

Reverend Jinkins is called to the stand. "Now, reverend. Why have you started this crazy outcry against my client?", said Bea. "Because I believe that demons are the devils minions. It is legend that angels do not trust demons, period. That's why we had a war. Like I said before, the demon residing in our utopia is and forever shall be the Great Evil! I curse his heartless soul without mercy. I damn him for all eternity. I say he deserves banishment!", said Reverend Jinkins. The jury murmurs. "Oh, jeez, I'm screwed.", said Lük. "Hey, Lük. Are you gonna say something in front of the crowd.", said Bea. "Looks like I ain't got much choice. I mean, what do I gotta lose?", said Lük. "Your manhood?", asked Bea before Lük punched her in the face, knocking her down in the process.

Lük is called to the stand. "Now, Mr. Demonson. Can you tell the court about yourself?", said P. Richard. "Well, my name is Lük. I was born in hell, but I live in heaven now cos my bastard of an ex-boss shot me out of hell to live here now.", said Lük. "And who might this ex-boss be, Mr. Demonson?", said P. Richard. "Why, Satan, of course.", said Lük. P. Richard says "He said Satan. He came from Satan's playground, everybody, where he was banished. And maybe he does deserve banishment from heaven as well." The jury murmurs. Lük interrupts, "Now hold on just a goddamn minute! I for one am sick and tired of this bullshit that's been heard all over heaven, started by the so-called prick of a preacher. Yes, I am orignally from hell. Yes, I can be cruel sometimes. Yes, I do smoke AND drink! But that certainly can't ever mean I will kill every last angel, even the almighty himself. I'm not a crazed killer, I'm no Adolf Hitler. I would never intentionally murder anyone. Because the truth is, and I really hate to admit it, but I actually care for one angel. Whenever I'm feeling low, I can count on her. And her name is Beatrice. Even though she's not fully smart, she is the only one who doesn't piss me off. And sure, sometimes her stupidity and clumsiness actually amuses me. And maybe that's a reason not to kill angels. They can actually make me happy in any way possible, even if it means being a retard. Bea, I'm can't believe I'm saying this but, I'm proud of having you... as my best friend." Bea cries in joy and hug Lük "Oh Lük! You do care!" said Bea while still crying in joy. The jury look touched. "What?! Why would you listen to his false claims! He is the spawn of Satan! He will doom us all! He is the great evil!", said Jinkins. "And he just opened my eyes with that speech." said St. Peter. The jury finds Lük not guilty. "This court finds in favor of Lük Demonson.", said St. Peter. "No! NOOOOOOO! We're all doomed for all eternity!", said Reverend Jinkins. He says to P. Richard, "This is your fault. I thought you said we'd win this easily." "I thought so too. My law diploma was supposed to prove so.", said P. Richard. "Take your diploma and send it straight to hell.", said Jinkins.

After the trial, Lük and Bea celebrate at the bar. "Wow, Lük. I can't believe you admitted I'm your best friend.", said Bea. "Well, actually, red. I need to come clean. I only said that to make everyone believe I wasn't a total asshole to all of them and to not get kicked out of Heaven.", said Lük. "Sure you did... best friend.", said Bea after winking at Lük and easily hitting him in the arm. "Oh, you.", said Lük as he hits back but injures Bea. "Oh, shit. Every single time!", said Lük. "It's alright. I can get used to it.", said Bea. Reverend Jinkins enters to confront Lük and says, "Well, demon. I hope you're happy. You really dodged a bullet there. But mark my words. You are still banished from my church, and don't come anywhere near my property." "Whatever. Your property sucks ass anyway.", said Lük. "What?! How dare you.", said Jinkins. "And as for you, angel. How dare you side with this sorry excuse of a being.", he said to Bea. "That sorry excuse of a being is my best friend.", said Bea. "You said it, Red. Hey-", said Lük. Reverend Jinkins leaves in anger and whines. "Jesus, what a bitchy prick.", said Lük before saying to Jesus, "No offence, JC.". Jesus Christ says "None taken.".