OK Peeps, time for a break from my usual stories as for all of this week at least, I'm working on a new story, so…Who remembers the very (very) obscure Edutainment cartoon show Channel Umptee-3? It was featured in a cartoon compilation potpourri, and I felt inspired to make a story with the theme of the particular episode in that compilation Umptee Sunrise in that case the subject of the episode was the sun, and in thinking of a story revolving around the sun the best I could think of was the story in many a mythology that revolves around the fear of the death or in some cases simple disappearance of the sun, and the one I like best comes from Egyptian Mythology in the form of the Tale of the Sun God Ra and his nightly battle with the giant serpent Apep, Apothis is what the Greeks called him, but Apep or Apepi is the proper Egyptian pronunciation of his name, Egyptian Mythology is really fascinating to me, it seems to be the first religion to really develop the idea of afterlife as reward for the good and punishment for the wicked (In earlier mythologies like Sumerian, everyone went to the same afterlife which was a gloomy if not a particularly tortuous place) and there are some theories that the classic tale of the death of Osiris by his brother Set may have been inspired by a regional conflict in PREHISTORIC Egypt! Yeah, that far back, combined with the fact that Heracles/Hercules goes back as far as the Neolithic days it really does make me feel that my creation of a mythical 'time before time' where magic was real and supernatural creatures walked among humans feel a bit more plausible, Anyway Apep in this story is revealed to be a Fallen Cosmic Dragon apparently when a Cosmic Dragon falls from grace it becomes a Cosmic Serpent or Snake as opposed to a Dragon with like legs and wings. Of course the most agonizing part of creating a new Humanimal story is deciding the species of the protagonist but then I realized waste not want not and that I had a perfectly good protagonist in Muddy's younger sister Pinky who was left behind on the carrot farm when Muddy was selected by the scientists for the time travel experiment, an Earthworm I realized was actually quite the fitting protagonist beyond just the contrast of the simplest animal going against an eldritch abomination being funny, as worm or wyrm was an archaic name for dragon, here it seems as with other Mizzer Humanimal Stories that certain children are born blessed, and by born blessed I mean destined to go on scary dangerous adventures and here it begins to take on a 'chicken and egg' question about nature vs. nurture, are these children chosen because they have innate qualities from superior ancestors as is implied about the protagonists of Biollante Wars or is it that by being chosen, the supernatural entities give the chosen children the qualities they need to accomplish their tasks like in my Fanfiction stories where my OC Marzipan in being the Mage Monarch is given an innocence and un-ambitious nature so she'll never try to take over the world with absurdly powerful magical talents because she'd rather watch cartoons and eat junk food

Shortly after Muddy was taken by the Scientists, Pinky began to feel great despair; she feared she would be next, chosen by some other scientist who wanted to perform grisly experiments on her! Or maybe her parents would be taken away or die by some means and she would be all alone with these strange worms of Viola Strierra who were kind of creepy and had this strange religion they wouldn't share with the Mizzer Humanimals, not that the Mizzer Humanimals wanted any part of their creepy cult.

That morning as Pinky went to bed, (Being Earthworms they slept during the heat of the day so they wouldn't scorch their skins) she had the most frightening dream!

She saw a vision of outer space, pitch black with silver stars, and in the distance came something red like a burning fire! As it came closer and closer the thing was revealed to have two golden eyes…Than the thing was close enough to be revealed …A giant snake! Surrounded by a halo of red flame, it was larger than any planet it opened its jaws as it approached the sun, and swallowed it whole! Oh sure it had to unhinge its jaws a bit to get the sun down, but once the sun was past its gullet and it was able to re-hinge its jaws back, the glow of the sun no longer escaped its mouth and then everything….went….black.

Pinky woke up in cold, slimy and sweat and screamed.

Her Mom and Dad were instantly by her side and asked her what it was.

"A giant snake!" Pinky said "A giant space snake that was on fire! It…It ate the sun and everything went dark!" Pinky began panting and gasping.

Pinky's Mom and Dad of course assumed this nightmare was metaphorical, an expression of her anxiety over Muddy being taken away.

But Marrow, a Native Slave Worm of Viola Strierra, knew better, though she chose not to say anything yet, she knew there were ordinary dreams and there were visions of the future and although she had heard no tales of giant space serpents eating the sun in Humanimal Lore, she knew there were plenty of myths Humans had before Humanimals were created of the death of the sun, and those tales came from the time before time when the fairies interacted freely with humans and sometimes Humans married animals either by the humans turning into animals or the animals turning into humans, and this is this why Humans have Animal Totems and seemingly none of the intelligent alien species do (At least not in this universe)

The Carrot Farm, having only Earthworm Humanimals did not have a Shaman, which are always either Dragons or Dinosaurs or in some rare cases a Turtle or Tortoise but always some form of reptile, Marrow made a mental note to herself to take this Foreign Worm Child to a Shaman as soon as possible as this Dream did not seem like an ordinary dream…

So yeah made a lot of opening note for what was ultimately not a lot of story