Finally we come back to Pinky's story, this chapter comes with an important note I've been having trouble with PMs I think because of a problem with the email I made this account with so I don't get alerted when I have a new PM

Barrow made himself a fresh cup of tea; he said this one will be for reading the tea leaves to try to see what Pinky's dream meant.

Barrow stared into his giant teacup, as he stared at the tea leaves, his eyes began to glow…Pinky began to feel frightened, as she had never seen true magic before…The most she had seen on Mizzer was typical stage magic in her school auditorium where the Magician Bug would do tricks with cups and balls and interlocking rings.

Barrow's eyes began to glow brighter and brighter until it seemed they would become as bright as the sun! But then it suddenly all stopped and the Ankylosaurus-Man breathed a deep sigh of relief and he massaged his rock hard temples.

"My Dear Worm-Child…" Barrow said to Pinky "…I have just seen the most horrifying vision I have ever seen in my life!"

Pinky gulped.

"The Giant Serpent you saw in your dreams does exist!" Barrow said "In fact…I believe I can find it in one of my books of mythology…"

Barrow went to his bookshelf and said "Ah! Here it is! Egyptian Mythology!"

To Pinky Egypt was just one of many countries of the Old Earth the Mizzerans left behind and thus was a subject of much fascination to older Humanimals…Pinky was more obsessed with Rock Music than dusty old Earth Countries, that may or may not exist anymore…But she knew from the Old Earth media she had watched and read that Egypt was the country with the pyramids and the Giant Sphinx , other than that she knew nothing about the country."

Opening the book to a certain page, Barrow said "Here it is! Apep, known as Apothis to the Greeks, was the Great Foe of Egyptian Mythology…A Great Serpent, the origins of which was believed he was the umbilical cord of the Great Sun God Ra, it was Apep's mission to try to devour the Sun as it made its nightly journey though the underworld, people believed that a Solar Eclipse was Apep trying to devour the Sun!"

"But its saying those were all just stories…" Pinky said

"Unfortunately…" Barrow said "We have learned since the time of the 20th Century and some of the things people believed were just stories actually did happen…"

OK I think that's enough for this chapter trying to sync up the timelines between this story and Tale of Two Humanimals since Barrow appears in both stories