Being a well-educated expert in Leadership Development, Jeff Whippo explains that motivation can be measured by understanding the science behind it. He further elaborates that motivation is a psychological force that enables action and has long been the object of scientific inquiry.

Jeff believes that motivation can result from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors and that the intensity of desire or need, the incentive or reward value of the goal, and the expectations of the individual as well as their peers can all be factors in motivation.

Jeffery David Whippo agrees that another way of defining motivation is literally just the desire to do things. In order to measure motivation, it is important to conduct a survey of the employees themselves. Assess how much the employee cares about the success of the business, as it has been demonstrated that employees that care about the success of the company are more likely to be more motivated in their daily tasks.

About Jeff Whippo

Jeff Whippo is a professional educator and developer of people, teams, and leaders. He is a well-educated professional who has attended California Coast University, Boston University, California State Polytechnic University, Community College of the Air Force, and Citrus College. He also worked as a Combat Intelligence Specialist for the USAF for almost 4 years. He contributes to a number of charitable causes including The Jimmy Fund, Junior Diabetes, Goodwill, and American Veterans. Jeffery is an avid learner who loves to study ancient history and psychology. He is also a veteran member of the VFW.